About Enso Rings

An Enso, in Zen Buddhism, is a circle that is hand drawn or brushed in one or two strokes. It expresses a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. It symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, single mindedness, and oneness of life. It’s a beautiful concept and a beautiful symbol. The traditional wedding ring shares some of the same symbolism. We love the dual symbolism of the enso and of a ring. Hence, Enso Rings.

Who We Are


Brighton is a husband, a father, a musician, and world traveler. Having gone through many wedding rings himself, the idea of a versatile wedding ring that could go with him everywhere was immediately appealing. He even suffered a pretty serious finger injury because of his wedding ring. Now he wears his Enso Ring proudly at the gym, while rock-climbing, and traveling the world (his part time hobby).


Aaron is a husband, a father of two, a graphic designer, and disc golf enthusiast. He’s been married for 7 years and was on wedding ring number four when he and Brighton started Enso Rings. Aaron has always enjoyed spending time outdoors and lost his first ring while playing disc golf shortly after he and his wife Julie were married. Now he can proudly wear his ring anywhere and everywhere he goes.

How This Whole Thing Got Started

Brighton and Aaron have been friends since they were in the fourth grade. One day, approximately 22 years after the fourth grade, they were having lunch and catching up. Brighton was wearing a wooden ring and they started talking about rings and how many they had each gone through since they were married. After realizing the need for a more functional, versatile wedding ring they went to work creating Enso Rings. Now there’s a¬†flexible¬†alternative to traditional metal wedding bands!

Giving Back

We strongly believe in working to make the world a better place. From day one, Enso Rings decided that a portion of each ring sold would be donated to organizations around the globe that are working to solve problems like hunger, poverty, disease, and protecting our planet.