The Year of Silicone? Which Anniversary is That?

Anniversaries are often associated with different themes for celebration; such as  gold, silver, paper, etc.  But these long lasting traditions haven’t kept up with new technologies and mediums available to us today.  I am trying to bridge the gap in hopes of starting the next generation of celebration.

Since I’ve always been told there is no better time than the present, I’m choosing 2017 as the year of silicone gifts. That’s right, 2017.  You can jump on board this new tradition and give the gift of silicone this holiday season.  Luckily for you, I’ve provided the top three silicone gifts to give.

  1. Silicone implants. Yes, I realize there’s probably some logistics to work out as far as giving this gift, but hey, you can give a gift card to get this done at any time. Be sure to check out reviews and ask others who have done the procedure to ensure you find the right doctor that understands your needs. *Side note: it’s probably best to give this gift in a set. 😉
  2. Silicone rings. This new style of ring has shown proven benefits when it comes to safety, allergies and more, but perhaps the best benefit is their flexibility and not getting in the way. This doesn’t have to replace your current wedding rings, but add to your options and your lifestyle. Enso Rings has quite a selection including their new line of Elements Rings that look like copper. Another fun one is Enso’s stackable collection where you can mix and match depending on the day. Your wedding ring probably can’t do that.
  3. Silicone baking accessories. With a variety of options from cupcakes to pie molds there are several ways to bake with silicone to help you create fun shapes that taste delicious. Nothing brings the holiday season together like the smell of fresh bread, baked goods and other tasty treats. Joiedomi is on Amazon and offers some great selections to get you started.

silicone rings elements
Silicone is making its way into some amazing products and my prediction is that 2017 is going to be the year of Silicone.

I leave you with this great quote for the holidays. “Kindness would die if we waited for others to show gratitude.”  Be kind and Happy Holidays!

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