4 Simple Ways to Size Your Next Silicone Ring

When it’s time to purchase a ring—whether for your engagement, wedding, or simply to wear around as a fashion accessory—one important part of the process is knowing what size to purchase. If you get the wrong size your ring won’t fit the way it should. Too big and it might be at risk of falling off. Too small and it can be uncomfortable to wear all day. The challenge for many people who are thinking about buying a silicone ring is that you will probably purchase it online, which means you won’t be able to try it on before you buy it. If that’s true, the good news is that there are some pretty simple ways that you can make sure to get the correct size. We’ll discuss three of the most common, including ones that won’t require any specialized measuring instruments.

How You Normally Size a Ring

If you go to a jewelry store to purchase a metal wedding ring, they usually have a device that measures your ring size. You will start with a ring that the salesperson thinks is about the correct size, try it on, and if it fits well they slide it onto a ring sizing device that has numbers corresponding to sizes. Other jewelers might have a specialized tape measure that you can put around your finger to show the size. Generally rings are sized between about a 3 and an 11.5, but they can go from 0 to 16 in some cases. Metal rings come in half sizes as well as whole sizes.

How Silicone Ring Sizing Differs

Silicone rings follow the same general sizing standards as metal rings, but there are a few key differences. The most important one to know about is that silicone rings don’t come in half sizes, they are only available in whole sizes. Additionally, while you definitely do not want to purchase a metal wedding ring that is a little bit too small, a silicone ring that fits a little snug might be a better option than one that fits a little loose. The reason is that these rings are stretchy, so they can easily get bigger when your fingers are swollen or expand, but they won’t get smaller. If you buy a ring that is too large it could slip off your finger.

How to Size Your Silicone Rings: 4 Options

Since you’re purchasing a silicone ring online much of the time, there are three simple ways that you can figure out how to get the correct size. Obviously if you already know your ring size from recently having it measured at a jewelry store, you can just translate that size to your silicone ring. If it’s a half size, we recommend going down to the next lowest whole size for that slightly snug fit as mentioned above. If you don’t know your size, use one of these methods.

1: Flexible tape measure

If you have a flexible tape measure (like the ones designed for sewing) you can use that to measure the circumference of the finger where you plan to wear your ring. Start by choosing which hand and finger you want for the ring, then measure it to the nearest millimeter. A millimeter is 1/10th of a centimeter, so make sure you’re using the correct marks to measure your ring size. Once you know that measurement you can compare it to the Enso Rings size guide and select the ring size that is closest to your measurement size.

2: String and ruler

A second option if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape is to use something else that is flexible to measure around your finger, then compare it to a straight ruler for the same millimeter measurement. Find something that you can put around your finger and something to mark it with.

Things that work well might include:

  • String

  • Sewing thread

  • Paper

Take a small section of your flexible material and place it around your ring finger. Remember not to pull it too tight or leave it too loose. It should be about the same as you want your ring to fit. Mark the spot where the string or paper touches together, then measure it in millimeters on your straight ruler.

3: Measure an existing ring

If you have a ring that you really love and that fits perfectly, you can use it to size your next ring. Start by taking a measurement of the inside of the ring with the same flexible measuring tape or piece of string or paper. Next figure out the corresponding length in millimeters, and compare it to the ring sizing guide online to see what size the ring is. There’s another way you can measure an existing ring without all the intricate millimeter metrics—simply download the paper ring sizing guide from Enso Rings and print it on your computer, then hold up your favorite ring to the various sizes on the page to find the one that is closest.

4: Printed paper downloadable ring guide

If you don’t have a straight ruler or can’t use the methods above, Enso Rings also has a super helpful downloadable printed ring sizing guide you can use to measure multiple different ways. The guide includes information about each of the different types of ring sizing guides listed above: measuring tape, string, ruler, or measuring an existing ring size. Remember that if your size is in between, size down to the nearest full size silicone ring.

Shop for Your Perfect Ring Size

Once you know the size of your ring, start shopping on Enso Rings. If for some reason your measurements turn out to be wrong, you can always exchange it and we’ll be here to help you find the right size at no cost.

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