Showcase Your Style with Comfortable Santa Cruz Bracelets

Santa Cruz skateboard brand has become an iconic symbol of fun, with people around the world wearing it to celebrate the laid-back California style and the freedom that comes from cruising around on a board in the warm summer sun and cool ocean breeze. At Enso Rings, we are bringing that style, comfort, and freedom to our new Santa Cruz silicone bracelet collection.

Skateboarding Culture You Wear on Your Wrist

Skateboarding culture has significantly influenced everything from fashion and music to our vocabulary. Since it first emerged in California as a pastime for surfers when the waves were flat (they called it “sidewalk surfing” back in the 1940s and 1950s), it has grown into an important and iconic lifestyle.

In 1973 when three surfboard manufacturers got a call to produce 500 skateboards for a bike shop in Hawaii, the now-famous Santa Cruz skateboard brand came to life. The introduction of innovative artistic designs solidified skateboarding in popular culture as a movement where skateboarders were willing to push the envelope—physically with tricks and culturally with a fashion and style that is unique to those who love the sport.

Santa Cruz introduced the iconic “screaming hand” design in the mid-1980s, and today it is recognized worldwide as a symbol of the sport and the culture. In fact, the design helped propel artist Jim Phillips to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame when he won the Icon Award in 2017 for his designs. It has also been featured around the world in art shows, on merchandise, and in magazines and other publications.

Shop Santa Cruz Bracelets Today

The Santa Cruz Enso Rings bracelet collection combines the comfort and durability of our incredible silicone jewelry with the iconic style. You get a soft, stretchy silicone ring that goes anywhere you go, and is perfectly designed for the skater lifestyle. Our silicone bracelets and rings are safe enough to wear while you skateboard—the stretchy material will bend, flex, and even break if necessary to prevent common injuries caused by metal jewelry. Plus they can withstand any extreme you need, from hot and cold temperatures to water and workouts.

This exclusive Santa Cruz bracelet and silicone ring collection is available now. Buy the bracelet on its own for $39.99, or save $10 when you bundle it with the stylish Santa Cruz silicone rings for only $59.99. Shop the Santa Cruz Collection to see the latest designs and pick the one that perfectly matches your personality and style.

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