Heck no! Silicone wedding rings are great, but silicone rings are not only for married couples. They’re for everyone! No one should miss out on the opportunity to give, get or wear a silicone ring — or a silicone bracelet. Enso Rings has a wide selection of silicone rings perfect for all occasions.

Give a Silicone Birthstone Ring as a Birthday Present

A Birthstone Ring from Enso Rings is a perfect birthday present. It’s beautiful, timely and personal. The soft matte finish is eye-catching without being shiny like metal, and the colors are bright and beautiful. Enso Rings offers our birthstone rings in 14 colors:

Our birthstone silicone rings come in three widths — standard, thin and halo, so you’re sure to find something your loved one will enjoy. Get one for your sister’s birthday, and get one for yourself at the same time and have them engraved with your initials or birthdays or another special word or date.

Handcrafted Rings Just Because

Enso Rings is now featuring a number of special handcrafted rings in beautiful patterns and colors.

New this summer is our Copper Patina silicone ring, made to look like the real metal with green swirls that mimic oxidation. It’s a perfect gift for artists, art lovers and anyone who appreciates the look of aged copper. Also new this summer is our Red, White & Blue silicone ring with swirling colors to match the American flag. It’s perfect for service members and their families, veterans and patriots of all walks of life. Wear it for holidays or year-round to show your love of the flag.

Our Deep Sea silicone ring, handcrafted with swirls of blue and green, will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island. Finished with an iridescent shine like glinting minerals, this ring is perfect for beach lovers, boaters and anyone who loves the deep blue sea. Also perfect for beachcombers is our pale blue and white Ocean Mist ring, reminiscent of sea spray, crashing waves and gentle foam.

Our Forest Ring is made of swirls of green and white, reminding wearers of a stand of pine trees or an expanse of oaks, maples and birches. This silicone ring makes a great gift for hikers, campers, trail runners and anyone who loves the woods.

Swirls of burnt orange make our Sunburst silicone ring a burst of pleasure every time you put it on. Evoking images of either sunrise or sunset, this ring is perfect for nature lovers, poets and anyone who loves bright sunshine.

Get our Horizon silicone ring for a loved one — the swirls of blue and white like the bright blue sky will keep them feeling cheerful whenever they wear it.

Stackables for Fashionistas

Gift a set of Stackable silicone rings to the person in your life who loves to plan their outfits and accessorize. You can stack different colors together on different fingers and create a new look every time you leave the house! These rings come in dozens of fun colors and seven styles:

  • Braided

  • Beaded

  • Hammered

  • Pyramid

  • Column

  • Treaded

The Treaded ones are great for people who love cars and trucks while the Hammered rings are great for weightlifters, construction workers and outdoorsy types. 

Similarly styled and just as stackable is our Accent collection, available in 16 colors in a wave or feather pattern. Get different colors for yourself and your sisters or your friends to share and mix and match.

Smiley Rings for Happy People

This summer we released our limited-edition Smiley silicone rings, adorned with the iconic 1970s-era smiley face that has become today’s standard emoticon. Our version comes in yellow with black paint drips, pink lemonade with yellow smiley outlines, purple with green splashes and black smiley outlines, and classic white with yellow smiley faces. 

Smiley rings help you remember not to worry and to be happy. 

Star Wars Rings for Science Fiction Lovers

Our Star Wars silicone rings commemorate this amazing story with seven engraved rings, sold separately or as a set. They include The Mandalorian, Darth Vader, Grogu, C3PO, R2D2 and Stormtrooper.

These rings are a must-have for true Star Wars fans and are sure to become a collector’s item one day.

Enso Exclusives for Everyone

When you’re not sure what type of gift to get your loved one, you’ll find something they’ll love in our exclusive collections.

Enso’s Skulls Collection includes two sets of silicone rings — the Calavera set and the Emblem set — each emblazoned with sugar skulls and roses or wildflowers over a blue, green or black background.

The Doodle Art collection features four rings with fun, colorful designs that call to mind the pop art craze of the 1960s. Order one with a matching silicone bracelet and gift it to a teen or an artsy friend.

Our Coral Reef collection includes four rings emblazoned with coral patterns — choose gray with green coral, white with brown coral, pink with yellow coral or white with gray coral. Get a bracelet to match as a gift for an ocean lover.

Everyone Loves Silicone Rings

So you see, you can get a silicone ring for your husband or wife, but you can also get one for your mom or dad, brother or sister, son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandma or grandpa, friend or yourself! A silicone ring is always a great addition to any look.

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