Those who get their hands dirty (literally) on a regular basis as part of their profession will often have a need for alternative ring styles than the traditional metal ring, and one group that exemplifies this need is professional artists. Through dealing with paint, primers, plaster, clay and possibly dozens of other artistic materials, artists will often get plenty of stuff on their hands -- and for those in this setting, silicone rings are a fantastic choice.

At Enso Rings, we'll assist you with everything from finding your ideal silicone ring(s) to properly measuring your finger and sizing your purchase based on your results. Our rings are ideal for many professions where people work with their hands or have related needs, including artists in several different specific fields. What are some of the reasons people in these realms often turn to us for their ring needs? Here's a layout.

Comparing Silicone and Traditional Rings

First and foremost, for those who are just learning about silicone rings, let's go over a few basic comparison points between them and more traditional metal rings.

For starters, silicone rings are much more affordable when it comes to price, making them more suitable for certain lifestyles where the budget is tight.  In addition, when compared to traditional rings in a similar genre (not platinum bands or ceramic, etc.), silicone rings are also significantly lighter and less dense in weight. For those who may not realize this, metal rings of larger sizes can be quite heavy, especially if they contain diamond accents.  For those with an active lifestyle or who are often performing manual labor, this is a rather important detail.

Silicone rings are also available in a huge range of styles, which makes them ideal for people who like to change up their ring wearing on a regular basis. Our next few sections will go over how some of these benefits apply directly to artists and people in similar fields.

Waterproofing and UV Resistance

Artists are regularly using their hands in situations where water will be present, whether we're talking about mixing paint, primers and other materials in a bucket or hands that regularly get wet (or submerged) while carrying out normal, day-to-day tasks. And if you're wearing a traditional metal ring in such a situation, you'll likely notice something unpleasant -- rust or other discoloration.

Silicone rings are completely waterproof and 100% resistant to all types of water and moisture (and even UV radiation), which makes them an ideal alternative for those who live and work in areas where the weather is humid or wet on a regular basis -- or for people like artists who regularly encounter these conditions during the course of their work. They allow the wearer to constantly be in touch with their work while protecting the ring itself from any damage.

In other words, if you're a professional artist and find yourself going through buckets of water during a normal workday -- or even engaging in activities where your hands will be submerged -- silicone rings should certainly be one of the first options you consider as an alternative to your other ring styles.

General Comfort

Artists need to be able to use their hands freely, without any obstructions, and silicone rings can provide you with exactly that benefit. They're much lighter than metal rings in general, and this means they'll pose less of an obstacle when you're creating your next masterpiece or simply handling other objects at home or in the studio.

Silicone rings are also perfect for artists who use their hands extensively throughout the day -- no matter whether it's for painting on a canvas, sculpting clay or countless other tasks. They're also perfect if you have a physically demanding job that requires you to frequently lift objects of varying weights.


Safety is another important concept for many artists, especially those who work in areas with items like kilns, furnaces, sharp tools and other dangerous instruments. The last thing you want is to get your hand caught in such a situation -- or have an accident with these items while wearing a traditional metal ring.

Silicone rings provide fantastic safety, plus avoidance of a common issue with metal rings known as ring avulsion. This refers to a situation where your ring can get caught on an object -- with the result being serious injury to your finger. It's a rather rare occurrence, but it is possible if you're wearing a metal ring in certain situations where this might happen.

Silicone rings, however, fit tightly to the finger and will not snag on objects around the work area. They're also not heavy enough to inflict serious injury or harm if you were to get your hand caught and injured by a piece of equipment, and many professional artists utilize this aspect as a primary reason for making the switch from traditional metal rings to silicone alternatives.

Showcasing Style

Finally, while we don't want to paint with too broad a brush here (pun intended), many artists tend to be expressive, highly-styled people. Silicone rings are available in a limitless array of styles and designs, allowing you to find rings that are both functional and fashionable.

They come in a variety of colors, are easily customized with decals or stickers, can be sanded down for an even smoother look and feel if you're not satisfied with the standard texture, and true silicone fans will attest that this material provides endless options when it comes to style choices -- there's no look you can't achieve. 

For more on why silicone rings are often ideal for artists and others in related fields, or to learn about any of our silicone ring options, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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