For many people, one of the benefits of getting a silicone wedding ring is the ability to wear it basically all the time without worrying about whether it’s safe. The soft, stretchy silicone rubber is also super comfortable, which means you might even forget you have it on. So the question naturally comes up, “Can you leave a silicone ring on overnight?” The answer is yes, but with some caveats. Let’s talk about why and why not. 

Risks of Sleeping in Rings

When it comes to traditional rings, most people would not recommend that you sleep in them. The main reasons are: 

  • Discomfort – metal and diamond wedding rings do not stretch and could become tight around your fingers if they swell overnight. 

  • Injury – if your metal or diamond ring gets caught on something during the night, such as clothing or bedding, it could lead to bruising and other injuries. 

  • Damage – rings that have a raised diamond or other ornamental decoration that is raised from the surface of the ring could get caught on clothing, bedding, or your hair, or could scratch you or cause other injuries in your sleep.

Fortunately when you choose a silicone ring these same risks are not there. Silicone rings are able to flex and stretch so if your fingers do swell overnight you won’t feel your ring get too tight (unless it was very tight to begin with). They also don’t have metal settings or other pieces that might snag on clothes or bedding, or cause injuries like scratches. 

However, it might not be the best idea to wear even a silicone ring to bed because there are some other potential risks and downsides to having it on all the time. 

Silicone and Your Skin

The main reason that you should think about taking your silicone ring off overnight is simply to give your skin a break. Having any material against your skin for a prolonged period of time can cause irritation and other uncomfortable side effects, including silicone rubber that is used to make Enso Rings.

Dirt and Bacteria

Over the course of each day your ring (and your hands) are exposed to all kinds of dirt, grime, and bacteria. You hopefully wash your hands frequently to get rid of these things, but if you’re not taking off your ring there is a chance that you’re missing some of the dirt or bacteria. Those irritants can get trapped on the underside of the ring. When that happens, they are in contact with your skin constantly until you take off the ring and clean it. 

Handwashing can remove some of the bacteria, dirt, and grime that gets on your hands, but depending on how thick your ring is, it might only be catching the stuff that’s on the edges. You could also have an issue if your ring includes engraving or other indentations on the inside of the ring surface. Indented areas are prime places where bacteria and dirt can lodge. 

Dirt, while probably not super harmful, could irritate your skin and lead to things like rashes if it’s not cleaned. Bacteria can be more harmful, leading to infections and other skin issues if it’s left to grow near the surface of your skin.

Sweat and Water

Another potential irritant that can come from wearing a silicone ring all the time is water or sweat. Silicone rubber is not permeable, which means that things like water cannot travel through the rubber. So if you get water or sweat trapped underneath the ring, it might not have a way to evaporate. Instead it remains in close contact with your skin. 

When skin is exposed to these wet substances it can lead to serious issues: 

  • Sweat – trapped sweat near the skin can cause inflammation, irritation, itching, rash, bumps, and small blisters in a condition called prickly heat. These can become painful as your skin gets more irritated. Silicone rubber can also block normal sweat glands, leading to other issues. 

  • Water – trapped water by your skin is also potentially harmful, no matter how clean the water might have been originally. When skin is continuously in contact with water it leads to blisters, irritation, and open sores. Friction (such as your ring rubbing against the skin) can make these things even worse. 

The Best Option for Keeping Rings and Skin Healthy

Rather than wearing your ring every night to bed, the best option is to remove it while you sleep. This gives your skin a chance to “breathe” and the ring a chance to dry out after getting wet. You should also make it a habit to regularly clean your ring with soap and warm water to remove dirt and grime. If your ring is exposed to bacteria or other potential contaminants, you can sanitize it by putting in a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes or tossing it in the dishwasher. If you do the latter, make sure to put it in a container (like a baby bottle holder or a silverware holder) that will keep it from falling to the bottom of the dishwasher on the heating element.

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