Enso Rings Announces Exclusive Partnership with Santa Cruz Skateboards

Enso Rings is launching a limited series of silicone rings in an exclusive partnership with Santa Cruz, the world’s longest-running skateboard brand. The jewelry will feature iconic designs that reflect the legendary styles of Santa Cruz skateboarding and action sports.

Celebrating Action Sports History

Santa Cruz brand began in 1973 in the iconic beach town of Santa Cruz, California when three friends who ran a business supplying raw materials for surfboards got a call from McCully’s Bike Shop in Hawaii to make 500 skateboards. It turned out to be a life-changing order, and the skateboarding brand was born. It was the early days of skateboarding, before tricks, skateparks and halfpipes, but as the sport has evolved, the brand has too.

They partnered with freelance artist Jim Phillips, whose designs helped shape the skateboarding brand in the 1970s and 1980s. His 1985 “Screaming Hand” became the focus of the brand and endures today. Phillips received the 2017 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award for his decades of innovative and inspiring designs, and the “Screaming Hand” has been featured in art shows worldwide.

The Exclusive Santa Cruz Collection

Enso Rings is excited to bring the iconic Santa Cruz brand to our silicone ring designs. Every piece of jewelry in the collection will highlight rich history of skateboarding culture, with bold designs that have been part of the action sports world for generations.

All of the rings in the collection will also come with the same features that our silicone rings are known for:

  • Comfort: every ring we sell is made of a soft, stretchy silicone rubber material that is comfortable and stretches to hug your finger. The material is so lightweight you might even forget you are wearing jewelry at all.

  • Durability: Enso Rings designs jewelry that is ready to go wherever life takes you, from school and work to skateparks and surfing excursions. Take your silicone ring anywhere, from land to water excursions, and it will hold up. Silicone rubber can withstand extreme temperatures (from 500 degrees Fahrenheit down to -75 degrees) without losing any of its shape or comfort. Rings are completely waterproof, and won’t get scratched or damaged out on your adventures.

  • Safety: metal rings and other metal jewelry isn’t designed for an active lifestyle. If metal rings get caught on something it could lead to serious injury, but silicone rings are designed to break when they are under extreme pressure, saving your finger.

  • Affordability: like all of our collections at Enso Rings, the Santa Cruz collection will have designs available at prices that fit your budget.

Shop the Exclusive Santa Cruz Collection Today

You can purchase the exclusive silicone rings online at Enso Rings, and for the first time they will also be available at select Zumiez locations.

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