While a traditional metal wedding ring or other ring type might look beautiful, there are many jobs or professions where wearing this sort of ring on the job isn't realistic at all. Many such professions include those where the hands are used on a regular basis, and a good example here is veterinary technicians who spend their days dealing with animals. 

At Enso Rings, we're happy to offer a wide range of silicone rings for people in professions like these who may be looking for alternatives to their more expensive, less versatile metal rings. We offer a number of especially comfortable ring options for those who need them, such as our Space Collection and many other styles. What are some of the roles and responsibilities of veterinary technicians (also known as vet techs), and why are silicone rings ideal for them? Here's a general rundown.

Roles of Veterinary Technicians

Those who work as vet techs may have a number of important roles and responsibilities that involve the use of their hands. These include:

  • Administering medications: Vet technicians will often be in charge of giving the various medications to animal patients, which means wearing gloves and also may require the use of syringes or an oral medication dispenser.

  • Administering injections: While some patients may be given subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous injections by their vet techs, others will require medications that are merely delivered orally with a pill gun. This may again require the use of gloves and syringes or pill gun, which are not conducive to wearing metal rings.

  • Cleaning wounds: Vet techs may need to clean some patients' wounds with saline solutions or other cleansing agents on a daily basis. They will also be required to do things like suture stitches each day or remove staples from an animal's skin.

  • Taking X-rays: A vet tech may be required to take X-rays or other images on a daily basis as part of the process of diagnosing and treating patients.

  • Managing anesthesia: When a patient is set to undergo surgery, they will often need to be sedated or put under anesthesia. Veterinary technicians may have been in charge of giving the various medication injections required for this process on a daily basis.

  • Various other forms of vet assistance: As a primary resource for their veterinarian, an animal care technician or veterinary assistant may require the use of their hands in many different ways to help their vet with daily tasks. This might mean anything from bringing instruments to the operating room for surgery to assisting with dental work or other procedures.

As you can see, there are a number of ways vet techs need to be able to use their hands -- and in unencumbered ways in many cases. This is where silicone rings come in.

Our next several sections will look at some of the ways silicone rings are perfect for those in this profession who want to continue wearing a ring on the job without issue.

Fit and Comfort

Because silicone rings fit snugly on the finger and don't risk snagging or scratching anything, they are the ideal choice for people who need to wear gloves on a daily basis, like veterinary technicians. A person can simply slip on their silicone ring before putting on their examination or surgical gloves and then take off their ring after they finish working with animals.

Compare this to attempting to wear plastic gloves over top of a metal ring with a stone like a diamond. This is frankly impossible in many settings, as the stone will constantly rip the gloves and the ring will just be another cumbersome addition that distracts from everything else.

Durability and Flexibility

Another major benefit of silicone rings is their durability and flexibility. While a traditional metal band might scratch or break if it gets banged up against something, this isn't at all an issue with silicone rings. It's extremely unlikely that a silicone ring would get damaged or cracked just from daily wear and tear.

The only major exception here: Any situation where the ring actually becomes caught on something, in which case silicone rings are specifically designed to break off so that the person wearing it can pull their finger free. Metal rings do not have this same capability, and in a worst case scenario could cut off circulation or even result in loss of a finger. For those in settings where the hands are used regularly, such protection is important.

Hypoallergenic and Non-Conductive

Because vet techs are often required to operate using sanitary conditions, like wearing gloves and spending time in the operating room or other sterile areas, it's particularly important that their jewelry not be too heavy or irritable on their finger. Silicone rings meet this requirement perfectly.

They're both hypoallergenic and also don't have any sort of finish on them other than the exterior color. This means they can't pick up dirt or debris, which is perfect for people who need to be protective of their artificial nails or other issues around sensitive skin.

Silicone rings are also completely non-conductive, so there's no risk of shocking someone simply by touching their finger or getting any electrical issues while wearing them. They are the perfect solution for veterinary technicians who need to keep their hands protected and unencumbered, regardless of what they're doing on a daily basis.

With all these benefits in mind, it's clear that silicone rings are superior options for anyone in this profession. For more on how silicone rings benefit veterinary technicians, or to learn about any of our silicone ring collections or options, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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