How to Get the Perfect Silicone Ring Size for Everyone

Finding the right ring size when you’re shopping for a silicone ring is essential because you want one that is just tight enough to fit around your finger without feeling uncomfortable, while also not being too loose so it’s at risk of falling off. 

Silicone ring sizing is actually the same as traditional metal ring sizing for the most part (which makes it easy if you know your ring size). If you don’t know your size you can still easily figure out which one is best using a few basic household items or our easy ring sizer. 

Measuring Finger Diameter

The first step to find out your ring size is to know the diameter of the finger on which you plan to wear your ring. You can measure it if you have a flexible tape measure. Sometimes it can be challenging to get an accurate measurement on your own, so you may want to recruit a friend or family member to help. Measure to the nearest millimeter on your finger and make sure you’re not pulling the tape measure too tight.

It’s best to measure it on the same hand you plan to wear the ring on, since your finger sizes are usually bigger on your dominant hand. Place the measuring tape just below the knuckle for the most accurate sizing. Additionally, try to measure when your fingers are a “normal” size—cold weather can make your fingers smaller, while hot weather, exercise, water retention, and other things might make them larger than usual.


Measuring Without a Tape Measure

If you don’t have access to a tape measure, you can still get a good measurement for your ring size. Find something flexible, like a piece of string or even a strip of paper. Put it around your finger and mark the spot where it touches. Place it up against a straight ruler to get a measurement in millimeters, or use the downloadable ring sizing guide from Enso Rings. If you don’t have any rulers, you can also use the downloadable Enso Rings PDF size guide can give you the exact size. Just print it from your computer and place the string or paper along the ruler guide to find your size.


Measuring Online Using a Credit Card & Ring

If none of the above methods will work, you can also use our new online ring sizer. Calibrate the sizing by placing a credit or debit card on your mobile phone or computer screen. A series of ring sizes will appear on the screen and you can use an existing ring to compare and find your size.


Other Things to Know for Ring Sizing

There are no half sizes for silicone rings, so we recommend that if you are at a half size you go down to the nearest whole size. This might make your ring a little snug at first, but that means it won’t fall off if your fingers shrink slightly or while you’re in water. 

Finally, if you get the wrong size, Enso Rings friendly and helpful customer care team is here to help. We can exchange your ring for a different size so we can get it right

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