Hey all you artist loving, limited edition seeking, creative go-getters! INKED by Enso V2 with Pocketful of Letters just dropped, and the crowds are going wild. There are so many things that we want you to know about these limited edition rings, but who better to tell you about them than the designer herself, Christina MacArthur!

"TODAY IS THE DAY! I am so excited I can hardly breathe! Okay…I’ll calm down and tell you why I am so excited.

About a month ago, Enso Rings approached me with an idea that I couldn’t turn down…I never thought that someone would want my designs to be turned into rings…YES, RINGS! I jumped right on board and couldn’t wait to get started. As I had my creative brainstorm session, I knew that I needed each ring to represent something. Whether that something has impacted my life for good or bad. These designs needed to come from a special place. Fast forward to today, four limited edition rings designed by me, are being released TODAY. Woohoo! Before you go take a peek, I feel the need to explain the rings to you guys. The meaning for each ring may have an impact on which you buy!

The Rainbow Ring (Prism): I am blessed with 2 beautiful children and hope for more. Over the past 2 years, I have experienced secondary infertility. I have miscarried 6 times while trying to have our 3rd baby. Throughout this trying time I have experienced an incredible amount of hope and happiness by maintaining a positive perspective, which I want to share through my art. The rainbow ring represents a calm after the storm. The calm that comes to those going through any type of infertility or any challenge in life, for that matter. It represents that rainbow baby or the fulfillment that follows a trying time.

The Galaxy Ring (Nebula): This ring represents the endless possibilities that exist in this world. The endless things that you can look to and find that little bit of hope that good things exist and that good things will continue to come.

The Flower Ring (Dahlia): Because of pollination, a flower's touch on life is almost endless. We need to remember that the way we handle situations in life really impacts more than just ourselves but others around us. Just like the galaxy there are endless possibilities and goodness that exist. Handle life like a beautiful flower. 

The Cacti Ring (Joshua): This ring was made to be a constant reminder that we should have a soft inside even through rough experiences.

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to design these meaningful rings for Enso Rings! I love when I get opportunities that allow me to tie in my work life and personal life, and potentially have some sort of impact on others. Thanks so much for sharing this experience with me and for all your support!"

xo, Christina We love you Christina! Thanks for sharing your talents and life journey with the Enso team and family.

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