Is It Safe for Nurses to Wear Silicone Rings?

Nurses do a lot of work with their hands, and because of that, many nurses have long decided that they cannot safely wear a wedding ring during their shift. However, in recent years a lot of nurses have learned about silicone wedding rings as an alternative to those off-limits metal and diamond wedding rings. If you’re a nurse or you know a nurse, you might asking, “Is it safe for nurses to wear silicone rings?” It’s not easy to give an answer for everyone (some hospitals or facilities might have specific rules about rings), but in general it is safe and most nurses can wear them with no problem.

Medical-Grade Silicone

The highest quality silicone rings (the ones available from Enso Rings, of course) are made with medical-grade silicone. Since silicone is not a naturally-derived material (silicon, the fine sand that is used as the basis for silicone is, but silicone is a manmade product. When a product is made of medical-grade silicone, what that means is that it’s been shown to be safe to use on products that will come in contact with the skin—things like baby bottle nipples, scuba mouthpieces, and yes, silicone wedding rings.

Sterilization and Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are also made of a material that is water resistant and non-porous, which makes it an ideal material for a ring that is worn in a medical setting. These rings won’t absorb things like chemicals or bodily fluids, and they can easily be cleaned as well as sterilized after each shift. A basic cleaning is as easy as scrubbing your ring with soap and warm water while washing your hands. For more in-depth cleaning you can also:

  • Boil your ring in a pot on the stove for 20 minutes and air dry

  • Ross your ring in the dishwasher (make sure to put it somewhere that it will stay put the whole cycle, like a compartment you can close in the silverware tray

  • Wipe the ring down thoroughly with a product like Clorox wipes

Safe for Patients

Another big reason why so many nurses love to wear silicone rings is that they are safe for patients. A silicone ring doesn’t have sharp edges like a diamond ring setting that might scratch a patient or snag on something. They can also fit under your gloves and PPE without any hassle, so you don’t need to worry about tearing the gloves as you put them on. Finally, silicone material is made of a stretchy, rubbery material that can bend and flex with your hands no matter what activities you’re doing. In addition to being super comfortable for the nurse wearing the ring, the ring is safer than metal wedding bands because if it does catch on something—a hospital bed, a patient’s clothing, a cart of chemical supplies—your fingers won’t be at risk for a ring avulsion injury.

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