If you have large knuckles, you may have trouble getting rings to fit on your fingers. Enso Rings has the solution — silicone rings! They’re flexible and fit snugly.

What Is the Cause of Large Knuckles?

People have large knuckles for many different reasons. One is genetic — you may simply have been born with larger knuckles than usual because one of your parents or grandparents had large knuckles.

Another reason is injury. Many people suffer injuries that result in some type of blow to the knuckles, whether it’s at work, playing sports or engaging in another activity. Sometimes the injury causes the finger to break, but even when it doesn’t, you may suffer bruising and swelling to your knuckle. This is usually temporary, but sometimes the knuckle stays permanently enlarged.

Disease can also cause permanently enlarged knuckles. The most common culprit is arthritis. There are several different kinds of arthritis — in fact, arthritis is actually just a catchall term for swollen joints. Sometimes arthritis is a symptom of another disease, such as lupus or another autoimmune disorder, but sometimes it occurs on its own.

Osteoarthritis is a common reason to have swollen, enlarged, painful knuckles. Both Bouchard’s nodes and Heberden’s nodes can cause bony growths on the knuckles that make them permanently larger. Rheumatoid arthritis is much less common than osteoarthritis, but it often affects the hands, wrists and knuckles as well. 

For many years, people believed “cracking” or “popping” your knuckles made them larger, but this theory has been disproven. 

Large Knuckles and Rings

When you have large knuckles, it can be a struggle to get your ring on and off. It can be painful to try to force a metal band over a swollen knuckle, and if your knuckle has bony growths, it may be impossible. 

Some people never take their wedding rings off, and if their knuckles become enlarged over time due to injury or illness, the ring may not be painful to wear, but it may no longer be possible to get it off without cutting it. 

This may not seem like a problem to people who aren’t having pain, but all too often the day comes when you must take your ring off and you can’t. For instance, if you suffer an injury to your hand, a bee stings you, you have an allergic reaction to food or another substance, or if your finger swells for another reason, it could quickly become painful if you can’t get your ring off.

It isn’t safe to wear a metal ring that you can’t easily slip over your knuckle to remove in an emergency. 

The problem is that if you get the ring enlarged enough to slip it over your knuckle, it’s often too big to fit the base of your finger. This causes it to slip around or spin. Some people get inserts to prevent this from happening, but it’s important to avoid getting a metal insert that can scratch the metal. 

Silicone Rings: The Solution for Large Knuckles

When you have trouble getting your ring on due to having large knuckles, the perfect solution is a silicone ring. Silicone rings contain plastics that make them flexible, unlike metal rings. When you buy a silicone ring from Enso Rings, it will easily stretch over your enlarged knuckle to slip on your finger, then go back to its previous shape as it settles on the bottom of your finger. 

No inserts are necessary when you wear a silicone ring. Additionally, the flexibility of the material makes the ring more comfortable, and not just for people with enlarged knuckles. A silicone ring gently hugs your finger, but not tightly. It moves with you, unlike a metal ring. 

This is why silicone rings are preferred by those who work in industries in which it might be dangerous to wear a metal ring, such as firefighting, military service, factory work, welding, etc. 

In fact, in some of these industries, workers are prohibited from wearing wedding rings. But oftentimes an exception is made for silicone rings. Silicone rings will break when put under enough pressure, saving the wearer from injury. Silicone rings will also not heat up when exposed to flames the way a metal ring would. This makes them safe to wear when fighting fires, working in kitchens or steel plants, or being present anywhere else your ring might be exposed to heat.

Silicone Rings for Women & Men

At Enso Rings, we offer a wide variety of silicone wedding bands for men and women. Some are designed specifically to look like wedding rings. Our Elements line of silicone rings — in gold, silver, rose gold and copper — is finished to look like burnished metal. Enso Rings recently added new colors to this line of silicone wedding bands, including ruby, pearl, quartz, platinum and diamond. These rings are available in three different styles. Choose the one you like, or get a matching set for you and your husband or wife.

While our Elements line of rings is popular, we have dozens of other silicone rings suitable for use as wedding bands or simply to show off your style. Check out our Legends line featuring opalescent finishes, our Accent line featuring unique ring shapes.

Regardless of which ring style and color you choose, engraving is available to make your purchase special and unique. Choose to engrave your and your partner’s initials, anniversary date or another special word or number. 

And remember, silicone rings from Enso are flexible, but they’re extremely sturdy and made of high-quality components. Enso Rings are not the same rings you can find at generic retail stores. 

Whether you have a dangerous job, large knuckles or another issue that makes it difficult for you to wear a metal ring, shop the entire Enso Rings collection today.

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