Ring Safety: Avoid Ring Avulsion Injuries

If you’ve never heard of a ring avulsion injury, you’re not alone. There are many people who are unaware of the dangers that rings can present, especially if you wear a metal wedding band or other metal ring. These injuries—while not extremely common—are still very harmful if they happen to you, and can lead to severe and lasting injuries.

What is a Ring Avulsion Injury?

Ring avulsion injuries occur when a metal ring you are wearing around your finger gets caught on something—a piece of machinery, the edge of a rock while rock climbing, or even the edge of your kitchen table. The metal ring does not bend, stretch, or break. Instead, the force of gravity causes the ring to tear partially or entirely off your finger. The results range from less severe things like bruising and tissue damage to more severe by tearing the skin, muscles, and tendons away from the joints and bones in your finger. In extreme cases it can even lead to a painful and sudden finger amputation.

The most common places for ring avulsion to occur include:

  • In mechanic shops or auto shops

  • Around heavy machinery

  • On a construction site

  • Any workplace where you work with your hands

  • Playing sports

  • Hobbies where your hands are exposed, such as rock climbing or mountain biking

However, it’s important to note that these injuries can occur anywhere. Jimmy Fallon is perhaps the most famous person to experience this type of injury, and his happened at home.

How to Protect Against Ring Avulsion Risks

The best way to protect yourself from a ring avulsion injury is by not wearing a metal ring, especially in places where you could be at heightened risk that it could get caught on something. One way to avoid the injury is to just not wear your metal ring while you are at work or participating in hobbies that could put your fingers at risk.

However, millions of people have decided that they don’t want to have to choose between wearing a ring and protecting their fingers and have discovered an even better way to protect themselves: with silicone wedding rings. These stretchy, flexible rings can be worn anywhere—they are heat-resistant and waterproof—and they will break if they get caught on something and there is enough force to rip the ring off your finger. You may need to replace your ring (which is an inexpensive thing to do), but you can save thousands in medical bills and the potential of losing your finger.

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