Stackable Silicone Rings: Your Fashion Must-Have

One of the hottest trends in jewelry in recent years is stackable rings. There are plenty of ways to wear stackable rings, from metal to gemstones, but if you want something truly unique, check out the stackable line of silicone rings from Enso Rings today.


Benefits of Stackable Silicone Rings

The trend of stacking multiple rings together on a single finger isn’t entirely new, but it has been revived in recent years by fashionistas who want to do something different with their jewelry. The concept, which includes matching multiple rings of different colors and styles on one or more fingers, is a great way to add more pop to your jewelry and more color to your daily outfits.

But silicone rings offer even more advantages if you are in love with this stackable style. In addition to being on point with your fashion, silicone gives you:

  • Added comfort – if you are going to wear multiple rings on one or more of your fingers, they might as well be comfortable. Metal rings can pinch your fingers or cut off circulation if your hands swell, which can take away from that fashion-forward look. Silicone rings are made from medical-grade rubber that is comfortable and stretchy so you can wear it anywhere.

  • Safety – we talk a lot about the potential dangers of wearing metal rings because they can be dangerous. If you are wearing more than one metal ring, that increases the chances that your fingers could be the victim of a painful ring avulsion or degloving injury, seriously cramping your stackable style.

  • Affordability – silicone rings are super affordable, so when you’re ready to stack them together you can afford to get several different colors and styles to make the perfect combinations day after day.

  • Colorful combinations – sure, you can mix and match multiple metal styles and get a little variety in your stacked ring look, but with silicone rings you can go way beyond just various shades of metal. Stackable silicone rings give you the option to combine different textures, widths, colors, and more for a truly unique appearance. 


Variety of Colors, Textures, and Styles

Enso Rings line of stackable jewelry includes 14 different colors and 9 different textures for 126 different options to mix and match. If you wear 3 rings on your finger, that’s close to 400 combinations to choose from.

Check out the full line of rings and colors with textures like pyramid, feathered, hammered, braided, slanted, traded, beaded, column, and studded. We know you’re going to love the look.

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