What Do You Do with Your Ring When Working Out?

For millions of people, the gym is more than just a place to sweat. It’s a sanctuary, an escape from everyday life. A place to meet new friends who eventually become like family. For those who love the grind and putting in the work, there are a lot of reasons to enjoy going to the gym. For those who are new to the gym, or who recently got into a committed relationship, one common question comes up related to spending time in the gym: what do you do with your ring when working out?

Risks of wearing a metal ring during a workout

Wearing a metal wedding band or diamond wedding ring is a tradition for couples who want to show they are committed to one another, but when you hit the gym that symbol of love and affection can actually become quite dangerous. The most common issues include:

  • Avulsion injuries where a ring is forcefully pulled from your finger after getting caught on a piece of equipment or clothing. The damage can be severe and long-lasting.

  • Rings that cut off circulation when your fingers swell during an intense workout.

  • Damage to the ring while using equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Risks of not wearing your ring during a workout

While it is risky to wear a metal wedding ring during a workout, there is also a downside to not wearing your ring. Specifically, if you plan to take off your diamond or metal wedding ring and leave it in a gym bag or a locker, it could get stolen. In fact, health clubs with locker room facilities are often a prime target for thieves, and for good reasons. They know most people who hit the gym are going to be there for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes (sometimes longer) and many of them arrive with a lot of valuables they leave unattended—wallets, keys, jewelry, and more. In addition, gym locker rooms are specifically designed for privacy. Even when someone comes in, a thief can easily avoid detection during a crime spree.

A better solution: silicone rings

Silicone wedding rings offer a much better solution to the conundrum of what to do with your metal or diamond wedding ring at the gym. Silicone rings are:

  • Durable enough to withstand any abuse at your gym without getting scratched, dented, or damaged.

  • Soft and stretchy, which means they will bend or even break (if necessary) to prevent your finger from getting injured.

  • Safe to use with all types of equipment, including barbells, pullup bars, and more.

  • Super affordable, so you can purchase a ring you only wear to the gym in addition to your other metal or diamond ring without breaking the bank.

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