Having alternatives available in certain areas of life is valuable, and the realm of rings is a great example. Many of us have high-value diamond or other metal rings that we'll wear in some settings, but may be interested in alternative ring options for other situations where the traditional ring isn't as appropriate -- and a top option here is the silicone ring.

At Enso Rings, we're happy to offer a huge range of silicone rings, from wedding and engagement ring options to fashion and fun styles like our Disney or Star Wars ring collections. Why are silicone rings a better option than traditional rings in many settings, and what makes them a perfect alternative in these situations? Here's a basic primer.

Protection From Loss or Theft

For many, the single most prominent benefit of a silicone ring is protection against loss or theft. Traditional rings can be easily lost, and traditional engagement rings are extremely vulnerable to this as well. Many people put their engagement ring in a safe deposit box, but 3 out of 4 remain there for the rest of time; it's not an ideal solution. 

Silicone or Tungsten rings offer a much better option: they can be worn year-round, they're durable, lightweight, and waterproof. With traditional rings you'll need to consider having them sized if you're active in water or other situations where these settings may pose a problem; the silicone ring will fit comfortably through any scenario, so it's an ideal choice for those who are active or work in rough environments.

Many people will keep their silicone ring on in the shower, and there's no need to take it off when doing yard work or other activities. With a traditional metal band, these situations pose an increased risk of loss or theft if you don't have a safe place to store your ring -- but with a silicone ring, it's easy to keep it on through any sort of activity.

Safety Factors

In addition, silicone rings present several safety benefits for those who work or spend time in potentially hazardous environments. Many people who work in the military, law enforcement or firefighting professions prefer silicone rings to traditional metal bands because they're lightweight and shatterproof -- and if one of these bands is broken, it will be replaced under warranty by Enso Rings, another benefit that provides peace of mind.

If you spend time around rough or sharp objects, a traditional metal ring may pose a safety hazard. Whether it's working with tools or spending time around heavy machinery, being safe is important -- and a silicone band will ensure that you're not putting yourself at risk for injury.

For those who spend time rock climbing, surfing, deep sea fishing or other water sports -- or have hobbies like scuba diving or hiking -- silicone rings offer an excellent safety benefit as well. Traditional metal bands will corrode, scratch and dings over time, losing their appearance and value; a high-quality silicone ring will always retain its value, so it's the better option for these activities.

Limiting Allergy and Irritation Risks

Traditional metal rings can cause irritation or lead to the development of allergies; many people experience this over time, and it's more common than you may imagine. Even if you don't have a particular metal allergy, irritation can develop based on moisture levels, body chemistry and other factors -- it's the same reason that many people prefer to wear rings made from tungsten or ceramic.

A silicone ring is truly hypoallergenic, so you don't need to worry about irritation or reactions if you've experienced this with traditional rings in the past. Additionally, Enso Rings offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our products, so you'll always be able to receive a replacement ring if you need one.

Light and Comfortable

Many people who wear silicone rings regularly will actually forget that they're on, due to the lightweight and comfortable design. It's a huge benefit that you can wear your ring all day long without irritation or discomfort; traditional rings are often too heavy for this purpose, especially if you've had one sized down from its original size.

In contrast, silicone bands will always maintain a consistent fit -- and many of our customers end up sizing up, since the ring is generally more comfortable at the larger size. It's a great choice for those who have experience irritation from traditional rings or who want something that will feel weightless throughout the day.

Changing Styles

And because a silicone ring is so easily affordable, many people purchase several rings and use them in different contexts. Some people prefer to wear a traditional ring during the day, then switch to silicone for when they're working out or around the house -- it's an easy way to add variety.

The ring you choose will depend on your personal preferences and what types of environments you want to wear them in -- but with Enso Rings, you have access to nearly any type of ring that you can imagine.

Keeping a Partner Happy

Does your traditional metal ring bother you or create issues that make it less desirable to wear? This is already an issue, but particularly so if you have a, shall we say, demanding partner who wants to see your wedding or engagement ring on your finger at all times.

In this situation, a silicone ring is the perfect solution -- it will be comfortable and easy to wear for you, while still maintaining the look and value of your original choice for your partner's eyes. Instead of laboring through every day with an uncomfortable or impractical ring, you now have the option of wearing your favorite -- with zero irritation or allergy risks.

The result is that it becomes an easy decision to wear a silicone ring instead of a traditional metal band in most contexts, making them very attractive for everyday wear. Consider all these benefits when searching for an alternative to standard wedding rings.

For more on why silicone rings are a better alternative than metal rings in some situations, or to learn about any of our silicone ring collections, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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