Why Silicone Wedding Rings are Superior to Metal Rings

If you’ve browsed any forums about wedding rings lately, you may have seen some posts about silicone wedding or engagement rings. Many people have decided to forego the traditional precious metals like gold, platinum, or tungsten for a stretchy rubber material that offers some significant benefits over its metal counterparts when it’s time to tie the knot. Here are just a few of the ways silicone rings outperform metal.


1: Silicone Rings are More Comfortable

Anyone who has worn a metal ring knows that they’re not exactly designed for comfort. You choose a size at the time you get married, and then your finger has to fit in that size ring forever. It won’t stretch or bend, so if your fingers get bigger or smaller, you’re stuck with a ring that doesn’t fit. Those who still try to wear metal rings that don’t fit can find that they’re always falling off or cutting off circulation.

Silicone rings bend, stretch, flex, and can fit your finger even if you gain or lose some weight or your fingers change over time. Plus you can comfortably wear them in the water without worrying that they will slip off.


2: Silicone Rings are More Durable

You do a lot with your hands, and that metal ring (even though it’s made of a hard material) will often get damaged and scratched. Silicone rings are far more durable and can withstand the abuse without getting damaged over time, which makes them a great investment for anyone who wants a wedding ring that will still look like new several years from now.


3: Silicone Rings are Way More Affordable

There’s a persistent myth that says you should spend the equivalent of three months’ salary on an engagement ring (the average that couples spend is around $8,000), but for many couples that’s just not a financially feasible thing to do. Getting married is already expensive, and paying for a wedding, moving into a new place, and going on a honeymoon all require a budget. If you want to save some money, nobody says your wedding ring needs to put you in even more debt. Choose a silicone ring and get something that will last just as long as that metal ring, but with an average price tag only around $30.


4: Silicone Rings are Safer

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a gym rat, or someone who works in a profession like construction, military, firefighting, or welding, metal rings can put your fingers at risk. Many workplaces where there are risks of ring avulsion injuries won’t allow you to wear metal rings, so getting a safer alternative like silicone means you can wear your wedding ring everywhere.


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