Are Silicone Rings Safe for Work

Why you likely don’t wear your ring while working.

Every day you work with your hands. It starts each morning when
you’re getting ready for the day, from showering, brushing teeth,
dressing, and eating breakfast. Then you use your hands to drive your
car to work, where you perhaps type on a keyboard, or work with
machinery, or write on a whiteboard. Some of you may consider your job
not even remotely dangerous, but others of you know the dangers of your
work. That’s why you never wear your ring there. You’d hate for it to
get lost and you’re especially aware of the risk if you wore it.

You work on cars. Any number of problems can occur where your ring is
concerned. It will get dirty. It could slip off and be lost forever.
And worst of all, it has the potential to attach to a car part or tool
and suddenly your finger is trapped too.

You work in the garden. Having a ring on is impossible under garden
gloves, and there’s no way your ring isn’t getting dirty, creating that
uncomfortable rub between the metal and your skin and dulling its shine.
There’s always the possibility of it getting lost for good in the dirt.
And you never know what could cause a ring-related injury to any

You work with chemicals. Strong chemicals, even just cleaning
products, will damage the metal ring’s appearance. With diamonds and
metal prongs on many rings, gloves are difficult to use. The prongs can
rip the gloves, it’s just downright uncomfortable and awkward and in the
end, you just end up taking your ring off and putting it in your
pocket. Hopefully, you’ll remember it’s there and not lose it in the
wash or risk it falling out.

Making your workspace a little safer.

The good news is that we at Enso have crafted a safe alternative to
your ring problems. You can still have a ring, and still wear it to
work. If it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean and you don’t have to worry
about professional cleaning to improve its luster. It will break if gets
caught, so it’s safe for any job no matter the kind of hands-on work
you do. It is light and thin enough to wear under gloves, without
damaging the glove or feeling weird. If you ever lost it, a cheap
silicone ring is easily replaced. Unlike most metal rings, particularly
the wedding rings. With so many reasons to try these out, buy a silicone ring today.

For the boys in blue, we offer blue line silicone rings. For our fearless firefighters, we have firefighter silicone rings. Or you can make your own custom silicone ring
based on personal preferences, choosing from many different styles and
colors. This can replace a wedding ring (that gets put in a safe place
for special occasions), be a fun addition to your accessories or just be
a gift for a friend. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

You’ve got nothing to lose with our Lifetime Guarantee.

When your ring comes in the mail and you find it’s not what you wanted,
not the right size or the color doesn’t suit you, we have an easy
exchange or refund process. Our extra helpful customer service will take
amazing care of you and get you the right ring in no time. If your ring
breaks, we’ll replace that too. Anytime, no matter how long it’s been
since you bought it. Try us out and see why this is the best ring for
your job.