Are Silicone Rings Safe?

Silicone is synonymous with safe

You’re a savvy consumer. You know how to research a product, looking for the best option for the best price. You make sure the products you buy are safe, staying away from anything toxic. You want items that are made with quality materials that will last. And you’re likely hesitant to try something just because it's trending. We love our discerning customers.

We want to make your job a little easier by providing you with some helpful information about our thin silicone rings. You’re likely already familiar with “silicone” as a material. Over the past few years it's become very popular and is a common replacement for traditional plastics. But what is silicone actually made of? Silicones, or siloxanes as they are also named, are a hybrid of synthetic rubbers and synthetic plastic polymers. This makes for an extremely versatile material that can be shaped and molded into almost any form, from solids to resins and even thick spreadable fluids. But why does all of this matter?

Once you understand the makeup of silicone, you can understand its many wonderful characteristics: flexibility, durability, temperature resistance, malleability, and water resistance. Experts consider silicone safe enough to interact with food and beverages. Enso only uses medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, so double safe for everyone. We knew this material would make the best kind of ring.

Making silicone into rings.

Here at Enso, our mission has always been to create a product that our customers will love because it adds to their active lifestyles. Which is why we chose silicone as the best material for our rings. What could be better than a ring that is flexible, durable and malleable, allowing you freedom of movement and activity while still wearing it.

One of the best features of top silicone rings like ours is their breakability. Life is uncertain and while we do our best to avoid personal injury, the unthinkable can happen at any moment. Jimmy Fallon is an example of just this. He was simply walking around his home when his ring caught on the side of a table and almost ripped his finger all the way off. It’s moments like these that small silicone rings can avoid.

Insure your fingers for years of mobility—get a silicone ring today.

When we spend hundreds to thousands of dollars securing our homes and insuring our lives, cheap silicone rings is the easiest adjustment you can make to your life, to live a little safer. If you’re still not convinced, we invite you to make your own silicone ring comparison. Enso provides the most comfortable designs, the most up-to-date styles, and the widest variety of colors. You can feel great and look great, knowing your hands are safe and sound for any active (or inactive) moment of your day.