Are Silicone Wedding Rings Safe?

Protect your love and your loved one.

When it comes to keeping those you love safe, there isn’t anything
you wouldn’t do. That’s what makes love great. It brings out the very
best in each of us, teaching us how to be more conscientious, more
thoughtful, more selfless. But what if the ring that symbolizes all of
your love and devotion were to become the reason for their pain or
injury? It would be heart-wrenching. It’d be as if the most special
thing in your life had betrayed your trust. When you put on a ring, you
trust that it will be there without distracting from life or physically
hurting you. Most of us, when we buy a metal ring, have no idea the
potential dangers that come with it.

Perhaps you’re wondering the same thing at this point. What would be
so bad about a beautiful, expensive, even one-of-a-kind metal wedding
band? The concern isn’t with its looks, but with its material. Metal is
unforgiving and unbending. Beyond the comfort issues that come with a
heavy, clunky metal object on your hand, there’s the concern of what
happens when that ring becomes caught on something and is ripped away
from your hand. It’s not a pretty picture and we recommend not looking
at online images. The answer is that the ring goes where it’s pulled,
and whatever that ring is attached to will go with it. As horrifying as
that sounds, the good news is that there’s something you can do about
this dilemma.

Make a change now that will positively impact the rest of your married life: buy silicone wedding rings.

Silicone for life.

When you decide to buy a silicone ring, you’re investing a very small amount of money into a very large amount of safety. Silicone wedding rings
are the safest rings on the market. The material alone provides all the
peace of mind you need to know that no matter how you and your spouse
use your hands, you’ll be home every night with a full set of fingers.
Silicone has the ability to tear or break if ripped away from your hand
or if caught on an immovable object. We want the ring to do the
breaking, not your finger. So buy matching his and hers silicone wedding rings with that goal of safety first.

A life of peace and comfort.

Enso’s top silicone rings are ideal for many reasons. You can place your
more expensive rings in a safe place, where they will stay clean
without risk of falling down a drain or getting lost outside. You can
wear your silicone ring anywhere and never have to think about whether
or not you should take your ring off, considering that “maybe just this
once” you’ll leave it on. You can wear a rose gold silicone wedding ring
that looks amazing and feels even better. And once it’s on, it only
takes a day or two of wear for it to meld into your every moment so
seamlessly you’ll forget it’s on. It’s hard to imagine if you’ve never
experienced it. So get yourself a silicone wedding ring today and find
all the peace and comfort you didn’t know you were missing.