Can You Shrink Silicone Rings?

Not without effort.

In and of themselves, silicone rings don’t shrink. They’re flexible
and stretchy, but they always maintain the original form in which you
bought them. You would have to intentionally try to shrink them and even
then the results would be questionable. There’s a process that involves
boiling water to heat the silicone until it will respond to
manipulation. The only reason you would want to do this was if your ring
was the wrong size.

If your ring was initially too big, it likely didn’t feel amazing on
your finger. Once you’ve got the right size, the comfort level will be
out of this world. You want a snug fit, without strangling your finger.
It should hug to the skin, not bumping into neighboring fingers or
having any gap between the ring and the finger.

We have a better solution than trying to shrink your ring.

Exchange your ring for the right size.

Our Lifetime Guarantee is there for you, no matter what and no matter
when. If you got a ring that’s the wrong size, let us know. We will
exchange that same ring for a better size. We want you to love the look
and fit of your ring so much you only take it off to put a different
Enso ring on.

If you’re not sure what size you should’ve gotten, because all you know is the size you ordered is too big, use our silicone ring size chart here. You have a few options for sizing:

  • Comparing an existing ring (for the same finger) to the ring chart.

  • Measuring your finger with some string and comparing that to the ring chart.

  • Cutting out the paper measure, wrapping it around your finger of choice, and seeing what size you get.

Adding style to comfort.

For some people the feel of this ring would be reason enough to wear it. But most of us want more than a fitness silicone ring.
We want something with style, something we connect to personally—a
unique silicone ring we can’t get enough of. Look through our collections
and be inspired. If you’re thinking you can’t get the feel of the metal
ring you’re wearing right now, think again. Our Elements collection
features rings made from silicone and metal melded together, for rings
that are copper, rose gold, silver and more. Stackable silicone wedding rings
open a world of possibility with different textures and colors, in thin
rings that can be mixed and matched and changed with each new day. Who
said you had to wear the same wedding ring every day?