Custom Silicone Finger Rings

A modern ring for a modern generation.

Leave the traditional ring of the past, in the past. Individuals and
couples alike are recognizing the need to purchase rings that maintain
the meaning and purpose of rings gone by, while adding a much-improved
level of functionality. Buying the expensive ring just to say you have
it, isn’t a good enough reason anymore. The current generation is more
interested in casual comfort than formal wear. Custom silicone finger
rings provide that bridge between casual and classy. Some other benefits

  • Safety on the job and in your active lifestyle.

  • Styles for the gym, workspace, or outdoors.

  • Hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone material.

  • Customizability from style to color to engraving.

This is a silicone band ring that doesn’t ask you to pick and choose when you can wear it. Keep it on through every hands-on activity you love.

Customize your vibe.

You’ve already made the right choice in picking a silicone finger ring. Now for the fun part: creating your custom silicone ring. Start with a solid foundation and pick the collection that speaks to you. Do you love glitz and glam? Then you’ll adore the Elements style. Do you prefer rings to go unnoticed? Fall for the weightless feel of Ultralite rings. If you’d rather watch football games on a Saturday evening than go shopping, Sports Stacks are calling you. But if you seek variety in every outfit and diversity in every accessory, Stackables are your best choice.

Each style comes with colors galore. From your classic white,
black and grey, to more colorful options like plum, peach and coral.
Choosing the right color palette is important. It reflects your
individual style, personal likes, and your overall vibe. This part of
the process cannot be rushed. Take your time. Look through the colors
and styles with careful consideration. But when you finally find the
style and color combination that screams “Yes!” start counting down the
days till your ring arrives in the mail.

Take your ring to the next level.

Before you click purchase, think about adding a personalized engraving to the outer or inner band. Engraved silicone rings are that one step further to adding a customized message that amplifies the significance and meaning of the ring you’re about to buy. It could be someone’s name, an important date, words of encouragement, or a
message of love. What would you say to someone else to add positivity to
their life? Put that on the ring you’re buying for yourself. Be your
own cheerleader. Talk back against the doubts and criticisms of the
world around you and add an uplifting word or message to your ring.
Truly, no one will have a ring like yours. No one will ever replicate
what you’ve created.