Enso Exclusives

These collections represent our newest, most exclusive designs & collaborations, so you’re guaranteed to get a true original.

Our new and improved printing process creates vibrant, original rings that let you express your personal style—even if it changes day to day! These collections are on limited runs, so get them before they’re gone!

The Collections

Santa Cruz Exclusives Image

Santa Cruz Skateboards® Collection

These rings celebrate the history & culture of Santa Cruz Skateboards by pairing their classic styles with the comfort and flexibility of an Enso silicone ring.

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Los Muertos Exclusives Image

The Skulls Collection

The Skulls Collection features two beautiful silicone ring sets. The Calavera Set channels the cultural richness of Día de los Muertos while the Emblem Set gives you the effortless cool of tattoo-style skulls and roses.

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Lei Exclusives Image

The Doodle Art Collection

Featuring designs created exclusively for Enso, the Lei Melendres Collection brings the artist's world to life in three unique matching ring and bracelet sets.

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Coral Exclusives Image

Coral Reef Restoration™ Collection

Inspired by the natural colors of endangered coral species, the Coral Collection is the perfect choice for any ocean lover!

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