Flat Silicone Ring

If you didn’t love rings before, you will now.

Think of an activity you always have to take your rings off for in
order to truly enjoy your time without fear of losing a ring or losing a
finger. Now imagine doing that same activity with a thin silicone ring
on the entire time. What you may not have experienced before is a ring
that can be worn through any of your favorite hobbies or hardest jobs.
That’s where silicone rings will change your life.

Because the majority of rings come with limitations on when and where
you can wear them, not everyone loves wearing rings. And who can blame
them? Up until now, you may have thought your only options were hard,
cold, abrasive metal rings that are always getting in the way. The good
news is that you now have another option: Enso’s silicone rings. So
light and effortless, you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without

A ring that puts your comfort first.

Here’s a ring that is breathable (no sweat), soft (not clunky),
elastic (safe for any job), and stylish (they look cool). With an
unparalleled composite, Enso keeps all of our silicone rings thinner
than the competition. The thinness of a ring has a huge effect on how it
fits on your finger, how it feels against neighboring fingers, and how
it stays out of the way for all your hands do. Your finger is going to
feel comfortable with any of our his and her silicone rings.

Our thinnest ring is named appropriately: Ultralite. With an almost weightless composite, you may forget you’re even wearing it. The Sport Stacks are a call to every super fan who wants to sport their colors on and off the field. We have Hero Stacks
to honor all the men and women that protect the lives of others without
thought for their own. If you’re a first responder yourself, these
rings can handle the heat of the job. And if you have a loved one who
put their life on the life day in and day out, this is a great way to
show your support.

Whatever your call to duty, to life, to play, Enso silicone rings
keep your fingers safe and comfortable. Enjoy wearing your rings, no
matter what.

Fit for any finger.

Easy to wear, and easy to size. Just go to our ring size chart
to find the right size for any finger. We recommend measuring your
finger when it’s not hot or cold, as both conditions will alter the
circumference. If you find that you are a half size, no worries. Just
round down (not up). Part of what makes silicone so amazing is its
flexibility and natural stretch. So keep this in mind when ordering your
size. You want your silicone ring to feel snug around your finger. It
only takes a few days of wearing it to allow it to stretch just right.
No falling off, no sliding around, no ring sweat. Just a delightfully
fresh take on rings that will make you fall in love with every silicone
ring you buy.