Personalized Silicone Rings

Not just another gift.

Giving the perfect gift is a challenge you face every birthday,
anniversary, and holiday season. Enso makes it that much easier to match
the gift to the giftee with an engraved silicone ring.
When you add this personal touch to a ring, it shows a level of
understanding and meaning that would otherwise be missing. Your
thoughtful gesture will stand out from all the other gifts received.

When you take the time to engrave your gift, a unique silicone ring
from Enso, you’ll never have to worry that someone else will be getting
them the same thing. This is a present that is never regifted or
unintentionally forgotten at the bottom of the accessory drawer. Engraving
shows that you chose this silicone ring specifically for them. It shows
time, thought, consideration, and feeling. Don’t be just another gifter
in the crowd—be the gifter that is remembered for years to come.

Choosing the right ring for the right occasion.

Don’t be overwhelmed by Enso’s wide variety of silicone finger rings.
Before crafting the perfect message, you have to pick just the right
ring. Consider the occasion and the audience. For an engagement or
wedding, explore the Infinity
collection for a ring that is decorated with the universal symbol of
eternal love. Put your feelings on your finger, and your message hidden
inside the band for a romantic and meaningful present.

If you’re commemorating an anniversary, you want the Elements
collection. Enso has what no other silicone ring manufacturer can
offer: silicone bands seamlessly combined with precious metals for a
luxurious look that feels beyond comfortable. Engrave “I love you,”
“Yours for eternity,” or another personal message of love on the outside
band so they see it anytime they glance down at their hand.

If you’re choosing a gift for yourself, perhaps you want to remember
graduation, your 50th marathon or the birth of a child. For an event
like graduation, use your birthstone or your school colors to inspire
your color choice, and then add an inscription of the year of
completion. Buying a ring for each child, with their name engraved on
the top, is easily accomplished with Stackables.
Thin enough for multiple rings and stylish enough for regular wear,
you’ll love seeing your children’s names every time you use your hands
to wipe away their tears or pick up after their messes.

A thought that truly counts.

Beyond the style of the ring, the color of the band and the message
along the inside is the feeling of safety and security each time you
wear it. A silicone ring gift, either for yourself or for a loved one,
comes from thoughts of care about personal well-being. Any metal ring
has the potential to irreparably damage, or even dismember, the finger
where it lies. Let’s avoid such an event at all costs and provide the
protection each hand deserves. Choose silicone. Choose Enso.