Silicone Band Rings

Rings on your fingers and some on your toes.

Centuries of ring wearing has taught us one thing: metal rings look
awesome but they are often inconvenient and uncomfortable. We love them
and yet we hate them. We wear them, only to have to take them off during
the most exciting moments of our lives. What if you loved your ring so
much you never wanted to take it off? In fact, what if you never needed
to take it off? Enso has the solution in one carefully crafted silicone
band ring that is wearable on any finger, and even on your toes. For any
event, hobby, job, sport, adventure, and chore.

Meet your new best friend.

As you start to consider what it would mean for your life to use silicone rings
instead of the well-known metallic variety, think about all the times
you’ve had to take your ring off. Remembering to do so can be a hassle.
If you do remember to take it off, the next question is where to store
it. You want someplace safe and secure, because rings can be expensive
and difficult to replace. Sometimes you hide it so well even you can’t
find it.

To buy a silicone ring means you don’t have to have those worries
anymore. Any situation that previously required you to take your metal
ring off, you now get to leave your silicone ring on. If for some
personal reason you decide to take your thin silicone ring
off, you know it is easily replaced if you accidentally lose it. Cheap
silicone rings let you live in the moment instead of fearing the unknown
of the future. Like a good friend, this ring can go everywhere you want
to go, and won’t ever make you feel uncomfortable or worried.

Be choosy. You’ve got lots of choices.

There are tons of top silicone ring styles to choose from. Stackable silicone
band rings are a fan favorite for many reasons. Their thinness both in
width and depth makes wearing more than one both fun and plausible. They
are an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys day to day changes in their
accessorizing. One day you could wear Obsidian Hammered with Plum Braided, the next you could layer Peach Studded on either side of Oxblood Beaded. With so many colors and options, Enso stackable ringsring can be paired with any outfit and worn for any occasion.

For the girl looking to fit these iconic stackable rings in the top half of her fingers or wear them as toe rings, look at our Enso Girls collection. These come in our smallest sizes, allowing them to be worn on the smallest of fingers and toes.

If you enjoy whimsy as much as we do, you’ll be drawn to the Legends silicone rings. The Yeti and Unicorn styles evoke a little of the magical within us all. Glistening and bright, these rings are made to be celebrated.

There’s nothing wrong with a good-natured rivalry. Keep the spirit
alive by sporting a silicone ring stack with the colors of your favorite
team. Even if you’re not a player, Sports stacks
bring the game to your fingers, Whatever your passion and style, you
can be confident in your choices knowing silicone rings are wearable
with any outfit and at any outing.