Silicone Finger Rings

What’s in a ring?

Rings are a symbol, a statement, a sign of personal meaning and
intention. Putting them on is more than just a statement of style and
fashion taste. It’s an expression of your commitment to life, to a
friend, to a loved one. Every time you put on the ring you are reminded
of who you are and what you desire out of life. You need a ring that can
stick through every hands-on goal you set out to accomplish. That’s
where silicone finger rings will change your life.

When you get up for your early morning kickboxing class, you can put your silicone wedding ring
on that finger without fear of bruising yourself or someone else. When
you run out the door to train for your marathon at the end of the month,
you can leave your silicone engagement ring
on because it won’t get sweaty and irritating. Whatever your passion,
Enso silicone finger rings can be an emblem of your journey throughout,
never needing to come off unless you want to switch the color and style
of your ring.

A ring for every active lifestyle and activity.

Just because you can wear your silicone finger ring to anything and
everything, doesn’t mean you have to settle with just one color or
style. Or even with just one finger to wear it on. Enso’s unique
silicone rings feature seasonal colors, limited time only specials, and
more textures than you thought a silicone ring could have. Silicone ring reviews
consistently express appreciation for the variety we offer, because
everyone should be able to express their finger fashion without fear of

For the minimalist who cares for kids by day and blogs by night, the Ultralite
silicone ring sits flush against the finger, so light you’ll forget
it's there. Which will just make you love it more. A kindergarten
teacher who is always teaching her students new crafts will appreciate thin silicone rings
that can be quickly washed on or off her fingers. Because there’s
rarely a break when guiding eager little learners. Ask yourself what
activity you do regularly, that requires you to take your current rings
off. Then ask yourself how adding silicone band rings would greatly improve your experiences. If you’re like us, you can already imagine a world of difference.

Buying a silicone ring is worry-free.

Online shopping has opened up an endless world of options for every item
you ever needed and many items you never knew you wanted. As fun and
exciting as this can be, it also comes with reservations about buying
the wrong item, the wrong color, the wrong size. Whatever your concern
may be, lay it aside. Enso offers you a worry-free, lifetime warranty
that is good from now until forever. We are serious when we say you are
going to love our rings. If you don’t, please just tell us and we’ll exchange your ring or let you return it.