Made for a lifetime of adventures together.

Walking down the aisle is the first big step on your journey through life—together. Silicone wedding rings make the exploration all the easier to embark on. Who knows what the future holds, but you want to know that your ring can hold up with whatever road you take. With whatever adventure comes your way. You can wear a silicone wedding ring with confidence that is will keep up with all your planned trips and even your spontaneous detours.

Show your commitment to the love of your life with a ring that says it all, and then does it all. Each of you have your own hobbies, interesting, goals, and habits. And not all of those are doable with a traditional metal ring on your finger. Enso’s top silicone wedding ring however, is so low profile, so comfortable, so wearable that you’ll forget it’s even on. Before you know it you’re skiing down a mountain, white-river rafting, or horse-back riding, and you never even had to ask yourself if you should take your ring off.

Can’t get enough.

You’ll never stop falling in love with your rings. Picking only one to keep may not be such a cake walk. Our exclusive collections and diverse selections will have you wanting to buy more than one pair of his and her silicone wedding rings. A ring for every occasion under the sun, each one showing your love and devotion to your special someone.

Stackables give you multiple styles and colors, that can mixed and matched for a unique twist on the usual double wedding bands. Each day could bring a new and exciting combination. Elements silicone rings are infused with the purest of precious materials, such as gold, black pearl, and peacock quartz. This more luxurious accessory will go with even upscale attire. Ultralite rings have an almost weightless composite with the thinnest of bands, you almost won’t feel it. Which is perfect for the days you’re keeping it casual and light.

Whatever your preference, you can’t go wrong with a thin silicone ring on your finger and your loved one by your side.

Hand in hand.

Life is meant to be lived - so live it. Without fear, worry or hesitancy. Be bold in your unique silicone ring choices and bold in your life choices. From your hand to the hand of your loved one, your silicone wedding rings will be a part of every journey you start and will be there with you at the end.

But as you know, it’s not about the destination—it’s about how you get there and who you’re with. Do it together, rings on fingers, hand in hand. Do it safely, stylishly, and comfortably, knowing you’re covered by our lifetime warranty. Till death do us part, Enso rings be there to resolve any concern you may have.