Someone just like you.

Because if you’re looking at silicone wedding rings, you’re looking for something to symbolize your marriage that doesn’t stop the flow of your active lifestyle. Maybe you’re even asking yourself “what is a silicone ring?” You treasure the symbol of your love and try to wear it every minute of every day, but you’ve also experienced the difficulties in trying to do so. To help make your decision easier, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Do you want to wear a wedding ring every day, during every part of your life?

  2. Do you want to your ring to be comfortable during your daily habits and hobbies?

  3. Do you like your fingers and want to keep them safe?

  4. Do you enjoy expressing your unique style and personality with accessories?

  5. Do you want to stop stressing out about losing your expensive wedding ring?

If you said yes to more than one of these questions, you are looking at the right solution to your problem: an Enso wedding silicone ring. With our lifetime warranty guarantee, you’re going to find the right fit and feel for you, with peace of mind about your decision.

Have your cake and eat it too.

Be who you are without the worries we so often have about our finer pieces of finger jewelry. We’ve all heard the horror stories of rings almost, or actually, damaging someone’s finger. Most of us have lost at least one wedding ring and had to replace it, if we could even afford to. And let’s be honest, no one ever called metal and precious stones comfortable.

There is a simple solution. Be a top-level executive working in the office from 9–5, and on the weekends be an avid mountain biker conquering the next ridge. Be a mom of four wearing yoga pants and a loose t-shirt on the weekdays, and a hot date for your husband on Friday night. Be a crossfitter every morning and a paramedic every night. Have the best of both worlds, wearing your silicone wedding band. Be you without compromising safety, style, comfort or truth.

Enso’s top silicone wedding rings give you the best of everything. Not only do you get to show off your marriage status with style, but your finger is also comfortable as well as safe, and each ring is easily and affordably replaceable.

Pausing only long enough to switch rings.

Now you can feel good about taking off the precious diamond ring your spouse bought you for your engagement, or the precious metal band you exchanged on your wedding day. Put it somewhere safe and then slip on your Enso silicone wedding ring.

Enso rings are so affordable, it doesn’t have to be the same silicone ring every day. Buy a few of your favorites: Stackables for unique mixing and matching, Infinity for a classic touch, Elements for a luxurious feel, and Legends for when you feel daring. Plus many more options and variations.

Then get back to work, get back to play and dive back into your life. Nothing is keeping the active lifestyle couple from getting engaged with Enso rings.