Meet Whitney

Whitney is a wife and mom of 2 boys with a baby sister on her way! She is an athlete, Dr. Pepper lover, and professional baker. Follow her journey to perfecting baked goods and looking so good doing.

About The Blonde Who Bakes

Whitney started baking at a very young age along her moms side. Since then, she's taken over her mom's business, started her own, created this awesome brand and most of all found a love for french macarons. That sweet little cookie is how this entire adventure started.  She had recently given birth to her second child, and felt the need to get back to business but wanted to try a different approach to it all. She gave some recipes a few tries and had very little luck finding a recipe for her altitude, and with the look she was looking to achieve. So that brought her to the decision to create her own recipe. A few years later she is using that same recipe.

Check out all the amazing things this blonde bakes at The Blonde Who Bakes.

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