Do you need a ring that fits your daily grind? Anyone in these professions are the perfect candidates for a safe, fashionable silicone wedding ring option: an Enso Ring.

Who Needs an Enso Ring?

  1. Mechanics

    Whether you’re up to your elbows in grease fixing bikes, cars, or motorcycles, Enso Rings are a great choice. Many mechanics don’t wear rings to work; there’s just no way of getting through the day without denting, scraping, or soiling it. Add the fear of injury due to a ring catching on the machinery, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Enso rings are a perfect solution because they’re designed to break away safely if caught in machinery, and—if your ring does get caught in a pinch— each ring comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  2. Personal Trainers

    There’s nothing worse than having your fingers swell around your wedding ring when jogging or kickboxing. Silicone rings are a great option if you want to wear your ring around your clients but don’t want the annoyance of needing to pry your ring off your sausage fingers before hopping in the locker room shower.

  3. Construction Workers

    Power tools and gold wedding bands don’t mix well. If you’re worried about keeping your finger safe and your ring unscathed while roofing or building a theater set for your kid’s high school, the Enso ring can deliver you from a huge headache and potentially painful injury.

  4. Physical Therapists

    It’s not just your clients that need flexibility! A silicone ring lets you assist your patients without worrying about your ring scratching them, pinching your palm, slipping, or snagging on clothing. Classy and antimicrobial, an Enso ring will let you focus fully on helping your clients recover.

  5. Pro Athletes

    You only need to say the words “ring avulsion” to an athlete to make them convert to silicone rings for life. An Enso Ring is the answer for the mountain biker, rock climber, paraglider, and basketball players in your life: it doesn’t catch, it doesn’t slip off, and it looks great.

  6. Firefighters

    In a high-stress, physical work environment, the last thing a firefighter needs to worry about is getting their finger caught and degloved, or experiencing ring avulsion while on the job. Silicone rings offer an awesome alternative that lets you focus completely on the moment and not worry about your jewelry.

  7. Nurses

    As a nurse, you’re constantly on the go, and you deserve a ring that’s as tireless and versatile as you are. Enso rings are great because they won’t tear through your latex gloves, and there’s never any worry of damaging your ring or accidentally scratching your patients. You can also stop worrying about losing your ring when you take it off to wash your hands 50 times each day—in fact, you won’t need to take it off at all. And the best part is, you can get several great colors to compliment your scrubs.

  8. Electricians

    Wearing a metal band while crossing wires and dealing with high voltage is a scary prospect. Thankfully, Enso rings are non-conductive, so you can rock a wedding band without needing to worry about grounding out through your hand.

  9. Stay-at-home moms

    Mamas are awesome candidates for Enso rings (especially the Enso Stackables) for so many reasons! For one, the smooth silicone doesn’t scratch your little ones — not to mention that it won’t get food, lotions, butt pastes and crap (literally) lodged in the edges of it. Enso rings are also a great option during pregnancy and nursing, when your fingers may swell and make your original wedding band uncomfortable (or impossible) to wear. And a lot of moms like getting the stackable rings to represent each of their kids: a comfortable and public way of showing your love.

And finally...

  1. Talk Show Host

    If your name is Jimmy Fallon, boy do we have a ring for you! Call us up anytime so we can help you save the rest of your fingers!

Is an Enso Ring for You?

If you work in any of the above professions, or if you simply want a comfortable, durable, and stylish silicone wedding band option, get your Enso Silicone Rings today! (Bonus: buy multiple rings and save up to 25% off all Ring Bundles!)

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