3 Reasons (Besides Marriage) to Wear a Silicone Ring

Rings have long been a symbol of a romantic relationship, and symbolized the bond between two people who are married or engaged to be married. Certainly that tradition isn’t going anywhere, but just because rings are often used to symbolize marriage or committed relationships doesn’t mean you can only wear them for those reasons. Here are three other reasons besides marriage to wear a silicone ring.


Rings are more than just a symbol of a relationship, they can also be a great way to accessorize your everyday outfits. For those who want to make a statement with the things you wear—including the things you wear on your fingers—silicone rings are ideal because they are super affordable and totally versatile. The great price means you can buy one for all different occasions, from casual daytime wear or work attire to more formal nights out with friends or on a date. The variety of styles means you can get as many as you want to match all your outfits.


Sometimes jewelry is more than a fashion accessory. Because it’s something you can wear every day, it might be a symbol of something personal in your life. Perhaps you want to wear a silicone ring to symbolize something you have accomplished, or as a reminder of a person you love or have lost. Silicone rings are actually ideal for those situations, because you can personalize them with an inscription or choose a specific color or style that is a reminder of something that is important to you.

Just Because

The thing about jewelry—especially non-traditional jewelry like silicone rings—is that you don’t really need a reason to wear it at all. You can wear a silicone ring just because you want to. In fact, these rings are so versatile that you can keep them on at the gym, wear them to work and workout, take them outside on your outdoor adventures, and more. If you need a ring to wear as a deterrent the next time you go out for the night (ladies, you know what we’re talking about) this is the perfect ring to wear on your ring finger to let people know you’re taken, or at least give them that impression.

Buy Your Silicone Ring Today

If you’ve been hesitant to purchase a silicone ring because you thought they were only for married people, now is the time to get one. Shop the whole selection at Enso Rings to find the one that is meaningful to you or matches your personal style.

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