3 Reasons Construction Workers Should Wear Silicone Rings

Construction is a great line of work, and for those who enjoy the challenges of manual labor and the satisfaction inherent in building something, it’s an ideal career. However, there is one drawback if you are married—most construction workers don’t wear wedding rings because of the potential dangers associated with metal rings in such an unpredictable environment. For those who are looking for an alternative, here are three reasons to consider a silicone ring instead of metal wedding ring.

1: Safety

One of the biggest reasons people skip wearing a wedding ring on a construction site is for safety. In fact, you may even have workplace rules that forbid wearing a metal wedding ring because of the potential dangers it presents. Metal wedding rings can get caught on anything at your job site—like heavy machinery, or small pieces of metal like nails or screws—and when that happens, if the force of that object is enough to tear the ring off your finger it could cause a lot of damage. If you’re lucky it could just damage the skin, muscle, and tendons around your finger. In more serious cases it could actually cause a traumatic finger amputation, which is something that no construction worker and no foreman or general contractor wants to happen.

Silicone rings are much safer because they are stretchy and could actually break if they get caught on something. That means it’s your ring that suffers the damage, not your finger.

2: Comfort

In addition to the safety aspect, many people who work construction choose silicone wedding rings because of the superior comfort. These rings are made of a lightweight, flexible material that moves and stretches with your finger. So if it’s hot or your fingers get a little swollen, the ring still fits. If your hands get cold, the ring won’t get loose and fall off. Plus the material is medical-grade silicone, which makes it safe for basically every skin type without causing allergic reactions or other irritations.

3: Affordability

Finally, construction workers who want to be able to wear a ring at a worksite know that there are things that could happen to it—it might get dirty, it could break, or it could get damaged in some other way. If you paid several hundred, or even several thousand dollars for a metal wedding band, that would be a devastating problem. If you pay less than $50 for a silicone ring, you can easily replace it if something does happen.

Before you go another day on your construction job without wearing a ring, check out Enso Rings website to find a silicone ring that lets you show your commitment and love to your spouse without any of the risks or dangers that a metal ring presents.

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