3 Reasons to Buy a Silicone Ring for Someone Special

One of the hardest things about gift-giving is finding that special something that is both functional and meaningful. Something that says “I love you” while also being something that the recipient says “I love this.” Silicone rings have long been a popular choice for people to get for themselves to replace a wedding ring, or as a fashion statement, but there are plenty of good reasons you should consider buying one for a person you love.

1: Silicone Rings are Stylish

A big drawbacks of traditional metal wedding rings is the limited possibilities there are for designs and colors. Diamond rings come in a pretty wide variety of styles, but those also come with a pretty high price tag. For metal wedding bands, there are very few styles to choose from: gold, black, titanium, platinum, and perhaps a couple others. “Personalizing” the ring just means choosing from beveled edges or rounded ones.

Silicone rings come in a wide variety of colors and styles (and you can still choose the beveled edges if you like)—everything from camouflage and basic black to bright orange and shimmery styles with flecks of precious metal. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a ring that stands out or lets them express their own style.

2: Silicone Rings Go Anywhere

Metal rings are rigid and hard, and can present some serious safety concerns, which makes them difficult to wear in certain situations. Many people have to leave a metal wedding band at home because of safety concerns at work (including firefighters, law enforcement, military, electricians, construction workers, heavy machinery operators, healthcare professionals, and more). Others take off the wedding band for hobbies like working out in a gym, rock climbing, kayaking, water sports, mountain biking, and others.

The reason is that a metal ring isn’t safe in these situations. Not only could it get damaged or lost, it also presents a risk of ring avulsion injuries, where the metal ring gets caught on something and amputates your finger or causes severe damage to the bone, muscle, and tissues. Silicone rings, by contrast, are perfectly safe to wear anywhere you want to go, from the gym to the office, the high-risk workplace to the triathlon. They fit snugly so they stay on, they don’t conduct electricity and present no shock hazard, and they’ll break away if they get caught on something, so they’re not an injury risk.

3: Silicone Rings are Affordable

Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider silicone rings as a gift for someone you love is the price tag. They won’t put a huge dent in your wallet like a metal or diamond ring, and they make a perfect gift for any stage of a relationship or friendship. Give a silicone promise ring, engagement ring, wedding band, or just a gift to say you care.

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