5 Creative Ideas for Engraving Your Silicone Ring

If you are trying to figure out the perfect gift to give someone this year, an engraved silicone ring from Enso Rings is the perfect way to tell someone you love and care about them. But now that you know that you want to give an engraved silicone ring, the next question that comes up is what to engrave on the ring itself. We’ve got a few ideas to help you figure out something that will really provide your ring recipient with warm fuzzy feelings, from the traditional with a twist to the more creative. Here are five ideas to get you started.

The Traditionalist

If your love is best symbolized by tradition, or your recipient loves to follow traditions, you can go with something like a significant date, your names, or your initials. To get a little more creative but stick with tradition, you could also engrave a series of dates—the day you met, your first date, your engagement, your wedding, for example—or both of your birthdays and your wedding date. You could also go with nicknames to stray from the more traditional names or initials.

The Sentimental

Another option for engraving your silicone ring is to include a short phrase that is meaningful to you and your loved one. Perhaps a favorite saying, or something romantic, like “I found my forever.” For those who want to go with something romantic or sentimental, but prefer to have it be a little more creative, consider an inscription in a foreign language from a place where you’ve traveled together or a place where one or both of you have ancestral heritage.

The Poet

When you just can’t think of the perfect thing to say on a ring, turn to the experts in poetry: musicians. Choosing a short phrase from your favorite band or musician, or a snippet from “your song” can be meaningful and romantic to add to your silicone ring. Just remember that most silicone rings have a specific length for the engraving, which means you won’t be able to include a long chorus or a whole song on there.

The Comedian

When you are in a relationship with someone who has a sense of humor, a funny phrase might be the perfect way to express your love and encapsulate your relationship. From inside jokes to phrases like “No give-backs” or “Resistance is futile” you can add some humor to their day as they look at the engraving and get a good laugh.

The Pair

Since silicone ring engravings have to stay short, another creative idea to signify your relationship is to get matching silicone rings or couples rings that have half of a phrase on each. For example, if you prefer traditional, “To have” on one ring, “and to hold” on the other. For the Star Wars fans out there, “I love you” on one ring, “I know” on the other.

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