Affordable Ways to Show Someone You Care with Jewelry

If you want to show someone you care, jewelry is often a gift that people think about to symbolize love, friendship, and commitment. But a lot of jewelry can cause a major hit to your wallet. Here are some ways you can show someone you care with jewelry and skip the high price tag of traditional precious metals and rare stones.


Friendship Bracelets

Remember elementary school when you and your best friend got the hearts split down the middle that said “best friends”? Of course you do, everyone had one! While you may not choose to buy your adult friend the same (probably cheap) broken heart, you can still use friendship bracelets as a way to show someone you care.

Silicone bracelets are an increasingly fun way to get matching or coordinating styles at a very affordable price. But we’re not talking about the cheap stretchy bracelets you can find everywhere. Enso Rings offers a variety of stackable silicone bracelets that allow you to find a custom collection that is meaningful to give to a best friend, sister, or mom to say you love them.


Personalized Charms

Some charm bracelets are expensive, but there are also some available that allow you to give a gift that truly speaks to the recipient. Whether it’s a hobby or a personal passion, there are many charms that you can select and the person who gets your gift will wear it with pride. These bracelets also make amazing conversation pieces, making them a gift that keeps on giving for friends and loved ones.


Birthstone Jewelry

Like personalized charms, birthstone jewelry can be expensive depending on where you get it and what you choose. But there are plenty of options to get a beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings that have special meaning to the recipient with a stone for their birth month.


Silicone Rings

Another silicone trend that makes jewelry gifts easy and affordable are silicone rings. Whether you choose to give something that symbolizes love and commitment, or you want something for a friend, these rings are ideal. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, from the more traditional colors to those with flecks of precious metal so they shine like a wedding band. They also come in bold colors and styles with inked designs, stackable options, and more to really show your personality. With an average price tag between $30 and $50 these are an affordable choice.


Shop Enso Rings today to get jewelry that will show someone you care, and still leave enough money to go out for a date night or friends’ lunch.

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