Rings made of nontraditional materials have been around for a while. That’s why we sometimes get questions about our rings and what makes them different from similar products. Check out our answers below:

“What are Enso Rings?”

Enso Rings are rings made from lightweight, flexible silicone. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Some of them have the style and finish of traditional wedding bands, while others feature more contemporary, fashion-forward, or sporty designs.

“What Do You Mean by ‘Healthier’? What’s So Unhealthy About Regular Rings?”

Rings aren’t usually a health hazard, but traditional rings have some surprising risks:

  1. Skin irritation: Moisture, soap, lotions, and bacteria can get trapped under a ring. This can cause a rash or skin that just looks (and feels) unhealthy.

  2. Allergies: Sometimes, the alloys in traditional metal rings can provoke an allergic reaction. Interestingly, these allergies can sometimes develop after many years, even decades, of wearing the same ring.

  3. Finger swelling: Many people experience finger swelling from time to time. Swelling can because by many things, including heat exposure, arthritis, and water retention caused by pregnancy or eating certain foods. When this happens, a traditional ring can get stuck on a finger, causing discomfort and possibly cutting off circulation.

  4. Ring avulsion: Ring avulsion occurs when a ring gets caught on something and causes traumatic injury to the finger. These injuries are often serious and may require complicated surgery or even amputation.

“So How Are Enso Rings Safer?”

Silicone is antimicrobial and easy to clean, which can help prevent irritation. In addition, each of our rings is engineered with “channels” on the inside of the ring, allowing air to circulate your finger. While these rings are sturdy, they are also flexible and will stretch in response to a swollen finger. In addition, they are designed to actually break away from a finger when under stress, offering real protection against ring avulsion.

“Do They All Look the Same?”

Nope. In fact, we have several different styles, including the Elements Collection, which are actually infused with precious metals while also offering the same level of safety as our other rings. Our Stackables allow you to customize fashion looks with thin bands and a variety of colors and textures.

“Why Would I Want an Enso Ring?”

A lot of people simply like the way our rings look: After all, they are affordable and mix-and-match easily to create fun looks for the gym, at a sporting event, or while out on the town. Another reason is that many married couples like to have “substitute” bands that they can wear while engaged in activities (i.e. sports, exercise, housework, performing surgery) that could result in losing or damaging the ring (or one’s finger).

Now that you have a better understanding of our rings, check out our best-selling Elements collection. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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