Are Silicone Rings Flexible?

If you have ever stretched a rubber band, you understand the concept of elasticity—the material that makes up silicone rings is similar in that it allows for more flexibility that some other common materials used for jewelry and rings (like metal, which has no elasticity at all).

Silicone Rubber Structure

To understand what makes a silicone ring flexible, it’s first important to talk a little bit about the science behind elasticity. Silicone is a man-made material comprised of a siloxane backbone (meaning it has silicon-oxygen, or Si-O chains) with carbon, hydrogen, and other materials that bind to the silicon. Depending on what else is included, the elasticity of the silicone material can vary—from very stretchy rubber bands to less stretchy wedding rings, for example.

Inside a silicone ring are several repeating small molecule chains called monomers, which make up the polymers that comprise the entire structure of the ring. These polymers are normally coiled up randomly. When you stretch the material the polymer chains elongate without breaking, then when the material is no longer stretched they return to their coiled-up, random state. They can stretch and coil almost an unlimited number of times without wearing out, which makes it a great material for a ring that you are going to wear everywhere.

Other Benefits of Silicone Rubber

In addition to its flexibility, the Si-O bond gives silicone rubber a lot of other benefits, including:

  • High temperature resistance, so it can withstand some large temperature extremes, from around -75 degrees to more than 500 degree Fahrenheit, without changing the structure or shape of the material (although prolonged exposure to these temperatures could have an impact on your ring)

  • Chemical stability so no matter what you expose it to, the ring will return to its normal shape, even after stretching or flexing

  • Electrical insulation as a non-conductive material, so it won’t be dangerous to wear around electrical currents

  • Abrasion resistance, which means you can put your silicone ring through a lot of different things (from working out at the gym to working in a mechanic shop) and you don’t need to worry about damage

Find Your Flexible Silicone Ring

Silicone rings make the perfect accessory for anyone who needs some flexibility in the jewelry they wear, whether it’s because you work in a place where metal rings are not allowed due to safety concerns or because you simply don’t like the restrictions of a metal ring that won’t move at all. Check out Enso Rings huge selection today to find one that fits your lifestyle.

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