Are Silicone Rings Good?

If you have been to the gym lately, or you work in a profession where you do a lot of work with your hands, you have probably seen people wearing those silicone wedding bands and wondered, “are silicone rings good?” The answer is definitely yes, and for more reasons than you might think. Here’s an overview of why these rings have become so popular in recent years for a wide variety of people. 

1: Comfort and Style

A silicone ring is the perfect solution when you are looking for a ring that is functional, but also super comfortable. They are made of a soft, stretchy silicone rubber that is designed to be flexible enough for any lifestyle. You can wear them to the gym or on any outdoor adventure without worrying that your ring will get damaged, and they can easily go places that you might not want to take your diamond ring or metal wedding band. 

2: Durability

In addition to being super comfortable, silicone rings are also very durable. The “backbone” of silicone rubber is a bond between silicon and oxygen, which is an extremely strong one. These rings don’t break (unless they need to, which we’ll talk about more in the next section). They also won’t get scratched and dinged up. They are the perfect ring for any situation when you don't want your ring to get damaged, from workplaces where you use your hands a lot to the gym where your ring is scraping against barbells and pull-up bars and outdoor excursions where anything can happen.

3: Safety 

One of the main reasons that people today look for silicone rings is for safety. People who work around electrical currents can wear silicone rings because they don’t conduct electricity and won’t put you at risk for electrocution. Additionally, silicone rings are designed to break under extreme pressure, which can help you avoid a ring avulsion injury. These injuries are extremely dangerous and occur when your metal ring gets caught on something, then forcefully pulled from your finger. Since the ring won’t break, it’s your finger that suffers the damage.

4: Affordability

If all the reasons above aren’t enough for you to think that silicone rings are good, consider how affordable they are compared with a metal ring. On average, people in the U.S. spend about $500 to $700 on a men’s metal wedding band and close to $8,000 on a diamond wedding ring. Silicone rings are more comfortable and safer for a fraction of the price, averaging just $30 to $50. 

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