Are Silicone Rings More Comfortable? 

Are you considering the purchase of a silicone ring? If you are already wearing a metal ring, or you’re thinking about getting the silicone ring instead of a metal ring for your wedding or just as an accessory, a common question that comes up is whether silicone rings are really more comfortable. The answer is definitely yes, for a few reasons.


1: Silicone Rings Stretch 

One of the biggest factors in the comfort of silicone rings is their ability to stretch and flex. Metal rings are made of a very hard material that doesn’t change shape except under extreme circumstances (some popular metals won’t even come off when doctors need to save a person’s finger). For people who work in and around heavy machinery or whose hobbies include things that could put your fingers at risk, this presents a safety issue and can lead to mild discomfort or even very serious injuries. 

If your ring gets caught on something and it won’t bend or break, your finger will suffer the majority of damage. This even has a name—a ring avulsion injury—and it can lead to long-term consequences so severe that many workplaces won’t allow you to wear a metal ring. The stretchy silicone ring material makes these comfortable to wear in every situation, and also much safer than metal.


2: Silicone Rings are Super Light 

The silicone rubber material that rings are made of is one of the lightest materials available with the durability properties that a silicone ring includes. These little rings are designed to withstand just about anything, but while you’re going about your day you may not even realize you’re still wearing it.


3: Silicone Rings Adjust to Your Finger 

You purchase a wedding ring at a specific point in your life, but over time, your weight can change—you may gain or lose weight, but the ring won’t change at all. That could mean several months or years where you can’t wear the ring because it doesn’t fit (for example, throughout a pregnancy when your fingers are swollen), or alternately shelling out a bunch of money to purchase a new metal ring that does fit, or to have your ring resized. But for temporary weight fluctuations or changes in your fingers, you don’t want to go through that expense and hassle. 

Silicone rings are a stretchy material that can expand to accommodate your fingers even when they change a little bit over time. You won’t have a ring cutting off your circulation if your fingers get bigger. We also recommend purchasing a ring that is snug around your finger, so if they shrink (for example, while swimming in cold water) your ring won’t fall off either. 

To find your perfect silicone ring, shop the Enso Rings collection today and get a new ring that is far more comfortable (and safer, and more durable) than your metal wedding ring.

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