Are Silicone Rings Rubber? 

There are actually a lot of different types of silicone, and many different ways that it can be used to create products that are used in our everyday lives. From super-high-strength applications used in things like space travel and medical-grade devices for healthcare, to the more common uses in places like our kitchens. It has also become a popular choice for wedding rings for many of the same reasons it’s used in all those other applications—safety, comfort, and durability. To learn a little more about the type of silicone rubber used for rings, here’s a quick overview of different types of rubber and their uses.


Natural Rubber (Latex) 

Natural rubber is the purest form of the material, and is most commonly referred to as latex. It comes directly from a rubber tree that was discovered in South America and dates back to a large Mesoamerican civilization called the Olmecs (which translates literally to “rubber people”) as early as 1500 BCE. 

Anything that is not made of the natural rubber from rubber trees is synthetic (man-made). Many types of synthetic rubber are actually made by mixing lots of materials together to form what is known as a “polymer.” When the materials mix together and create elasticity, it’s called an “elastomer.”


Silicone Rubber 

Silicone rubber is an elastomer because it displays properties that allow it to bend and stretch, then return to its original shape immediately. Many people refer to it as “rubber” but it’s not technically the same as latex rubbers. It’s made from combining silicon, which comes from a naturally-occurring fine sand called silica, one of the most abundant materials on earth. Making silicon from silica is a complex process that takes several stages, which is why it’s often more expensive than its natural latex counterpart. 

Once the silicon is made, it’s mixed with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen to create silicone (with an ‘e’). The material has one of the strongest bonds, a silicon-oxygen bond, which is what makes silicone rings and other items so durable.


Benefits of Silicone Rubber for Rings 

There are many reasons that silicone works well for wedding rings or other fashion jewelry. First, it’s extremely durable, which means you can wear it anywhere and everywhere, including in the water, at the gym, at work, and more. It’s also an elastomer so it’s stretchy and comfortable to wear all day, even if your hands swell or shrink a little. It’s also safer than metal because if something does happen and the ring needs to break to save your finger, it will. 

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