Are Silicone Rings Safe for the Environment?

If you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, you may not have thought about the impact that your diamond or precious metal ring might have on the natural world. The ecological devastation that these practices leave behind is causing significant damage to land, water, and natural habitats for some of the world’s most endangered creatures. Choosing a silicone ring is not only safe for the environment, it’s a more ecologically responsible choice than diamonds or precious metals if you want to make an impact.


The Devastation of Diamond & Metal Mining

Diamond mining has taken a heavy toll on some of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes. In many countries where diamonds are found, such as the African countries of Sierra Leone or Angola, there is little or no regulation on the mining industry, which means that irresponsible diamond and precious metal mining efforts can quickly ruin the local landscape and harm local populations.

Rerouted rivers that devastate wildlife, abandoned mining pits, topsoil erosion, and contaminated water supplies from toxic chemicals used in the process of mining precious metals are just some of the devastating impacts of traditional jewelry. Modern gold mining produces about 60 tons of toxic waste for enough gold to make a 1 oz ring. This waste is filled with heavy metals like mercury and toxins like cyanide, and is often dumped into local waterways.


A Better Alternative: Silicone

Silicone rings are made of naturally occurring materials found in the earth, and while it may look similar to plastic, they don’t contain any of the hazardous chemicals often found in other plastics that are harmful to the environment. The materials in a silicone ring are non-toxic and perfectly safe to wear around your finger every day. It also won’t break down like plastic, which has harmful chemicals that can leech into groundwater supplies and other waterways.

If you ever decide that you want to get rid of your silicone ring (to get a new one, of course), the material can be recycled to prevent additional waste at your local landfill. Plus silicone rings are a very affordable alternative to precious metals and diamonds, so it won’t break the bank to recycle the old one and get a new one as your personal style evolves.

If you are trying to do your part to reduce your ecological footprint in the world, opting for a silicone ring instead of metals and/or diamonds is actually a great way to show your commitment to a greener, better future.

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