Are Silicone Rings Sized Differently?

Silicone rings have gained popularity in recent years because they allow you to wear a ring just about anywhere (including many places your metal ring couldn’t go). Whether you are a fitness enthusiast who wants a ring to wear at the gym, an outdoor adventurer who needs something flexible and comfortable, or someone who works in a place where you can’t wear that metal ring for safety reasons, silicone rings work.

Silicone Ring Sizing

The question that often comes up when someone is shopping for a silicone wedding ring is, “Are silicone rings sized differently?” The answer is yes and no. Silicone ring sizing and metal ring sizing are the same, but silicone rings do not come in half sizes like you can get from a jewelry store when you purchase a metal ring.

This is mostly because silicone rings don’t need half sizes, they are stretchy and flexible and can fit a wider range of finger sizes without worrying about the half sizes in between. It’s important to understand how the sizing works so you can get the ring that fits best. For those in between sizes, it’s best to size down. Your silicone ring might feel a little snug at first, but since it can stretch to accommodate your finger, you will find that it’s more comfortable over time. Sizing up could lead to a ring that is too big and might fall off when you’re wearing it.

Measuring for Silicone Ring Sizes

The easiest way to figure out your ring size is with the hand ring sizing guide available at Enso Rings. You can do it in several different ways:

  • Flexible measuring tape: measure the distance around the finger where you plan to wear the ring to the nearest millimeter. Make sure you’re not holding the measuring tape too tightly or too loosely around your finger (you could end up with a ring that’s too small or too large).

  • String or paper with ruler: if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, use something flexible like a piece of string or paper to wrap around your finger. Mark the spot where it touches, then measure with a straight ruler to the nearest millimeter.

Once you know the millimeter measurement, use the Enso Rings Size Guide for the corresponding ring size.

  • Credit card calibration: Enso Rings also has a handy “find my ring size” calibration using your credit card and an existing ring. Simply click the link from any product page on our website, then you can calibrate the device using a credit or debit card on your mobile device or desktop computer. Once you have the calibration down, simply place your ring up to the screen to match it to the correct size silicone ring.

Now that you know your size, you can select from any of our incredible rings. Happy shopping!

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