Are Silicone Rings Soft?

Silicone products are seemingly everywhere, from your baby’s toys and kitchen utensils to medical devices and even rings. As more people discover the fun colors and versatility of silicone rings, they realize how much more comfortable these rings are than the traditional metal wedding bands or diamond rings. 

Making Silicone

To make silicone, you take silicon (a naturally-occurring substance made of silica, or sand) and put it through a manufacturing process to combine it with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The end result is a very flexible, stretchy, and malleable material that you can shape into just about anything. During the manufacturing process, silicon and oxygen create an extremely strong bond that makes the finished silicone product very durable, shatterproof, and waterproof. 

All these properties have made it an attractive alternative to plastics, which have ingredients that have been linked to cancer and other biological disruptions. 

Silicone is Soft

Another reason it has become so widespread and popular in many toys and other materials is because silicone is soft. When it’s created, the bonds that form between the materials in silicone create a polymer that has “viscosity” as well as “elasticity” – the translation for that is a stretchy, soft material. Since it’s made of all natural ingredients, silicone rings are also very comfortable and there is an extremely low chance that you or anyone else will experience an allergic reaction. 

Silicone is Safe

Add to the soft texture and durability the fact that silicone rings are very safe to wear. If you are unable to wear a metal ring (or you choose not to) during activities like going to the gym or going to work because you’re concerned about the safety of your fingers, silicone is the perfect alternative. These rings are designed to stretch and flex with your body, so if your fingers swell a little the ring stretches (then goes right back to its original shape). However, if a significant amount of force is applied while you’re wearing a silicone ring, the ring will break. That can save your finger from serious injury, which makes these rings the go-to choice for everyone from fitness enthusiasts to military, law enforcement, construction workers, heavy machinery operators, and more. Plus it’s non-conductive material means it’s even safe for electricians.

Silicone wedding rings are very soft, along with being durable, stylish, affordable, and safe. That makes them the perfect choice for, well, everyone. Shop our selection at Enso Rings today to find yours.

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