Are Silicone Rings Waterproof?

The question about whether or not you can wear a silicone ring in the water comes up often. After all, one of the goals of purchasing a silicone ring is the ability to wear it in situations where a more traditional metal or diamond ring would not be an option, and that’s certainly the case in the water. A metal ring can slip off or get ruined while silicone rings don't have that limitation. Whether you work in a situation where your hands are frequently in the water, or you participate in sports that involve water, a silicone ring is the perfect choice.


What is Silicone, Anyway?

Silicone rings are made of a specific type of rubber, silica or silicone dioxide. This material occurs naturally in the earth, and has been developed for use in a wide variety of materials—everything from items used by astronauts in space to things you would find in your house for everyday use. The main reason that this material is so popular is that it’s extremely durable, but also waterproof.


Who Benefits from Waterproof Rings

The truth is that anyone can benefit from a waterproof ring. Some specific people who might notice that benefit more than others include anyone with a profession where they work in the water or where their hands are frequently in water (such as janitorial jobs, restaurant and food preparation, and more).

In addition, it’s a great bonus for athletes, from those who compete at a high level in sports like swimming and triathlon, to the weekend warriors who participate in these types of sports as a hobby. From training days to race days, your ring won’t get ruined in the water. A silicone ring is also ideal for any person who wants to wear a ring for a workout where you’ll get sweaty and don’t want sweat stuck in the grooves.


The Waterproof Caveat

One caveat to address is that, while the silicone material is waterproof and the water won’t get into the ring, silicone is not a ‘breathable’ material, so if you do wear it in the water or during a workout when your hands might get sweaty, it’s a good idea to take it off and let your finger and the ring air out so it won’t cause a rash or other irritation in the area where it touches your skin.


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