For many people, the long-term value of the items they purchase, both large and small, is a very important theme. And for those who regularly wear rings for any purpose, whether to show a commitment to a significant other or for any alternative reasoning, there are few products that create better value than silicone rings.

At Enso Rings, we're happy to provide clients with a massive range of silicone ring options, from specific men's and women's styles to collections like our Star Wars or Disney realms. We're often asked by first-time silicone ring clients whether these products are "worth it" -- and the answer is a resounding yes for clients in a wide range of situations. Here's a primer on how silicone rings provide fantastic value to their wearers in several ways.

Low Cost

First and foremost, the long-term value of any item you purchase is directly connected to what it costs -- and silicone rings are incredibly affordable no matter what you are looking for. For example, our men's rings start at just $17, while women's styles start at just $20. These numbers are exceptionally low when compared to the costs of metal bands or other traditional options -- and the affordability only increases when clients choose from our massive collection of customizable silicone ring designs!

Keep this in mind as we move through all of the other value-add areas of silicone rings -- you get all these benefits for the cost of an average restaurant meal, or thereabouts. 

Protection of Your Larger Ring Investment

For many people, the purchase of one or more silicone rings is to provide an alternative ring to wear in certain settings. If your traditional metal ring is worth thousands of dollars, you might naturally be hesitant to wear it in situations where it can be damaged, lost or otherwise threatened.

In this way, your silicone ring provides value far above what you actually pay for it, because it protects the larger purchase you've made in your metal ring. When you don't have to worry about your rings matching or becoming dirty when they aren't being worn, that's value that adds up quickly over time.

Added Comfort for Wearers

Silicone rings are remarkably comfortable, particularly when compared with traditional options like wedding bands or other metal bands. Our testing process before bringing our rings to market consisted of having men and women wear Enso silicone ring designs for months at a time, providing their feedback on comfort levels and issues they had with common rings.

The result is something that feels much like wearing nothing -- which is why so many people gravitate toward them -- and there's no questioning the value of something that will remain comfortable for months or years at a time.

Long-Lasting Quality

Silicone rings are very durable compared to other options. They're oil resistant, stretch resistant and overall less likely to be damaged than metal bands, making them an ideal long-term investment even if you aren't using them to protect a more expensive metal ring. Additionally, they're extremely resistant to the elements and they don't tarnish over time -- which means your rings will remain looking great for many years or even decades.

Safety Improvements

While we wouldn't even try to put a dollar figure on your health and safety, silicone rings provide enormous value here as well. For instance, they prevent issues of ring avulsion, where a ring can catch on something and rip off a finger; they also prevent skin irritation and corrosion that metal rings can cause in the shower.


In many other cases, silicone rings provide their value not as replacements or alternatives for other rings, but as their own style statement. Silicone rings can be worn as casual fashion accessories, as well as items that define a person's true personality. They work for those with allergies, those who want to remain active and those who just want a different look than what traditional rings provide.

And if you're wearing them simply for style and fashion purposes, your options are unlimited. You can choose from hundreds of designs, patterns and color combinations on our site to create a ring that fits your specific style.

Active Lifestyle

For those who lead an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise and weightlifting, silicone rings create a huge value and benefit that traditional metal bands simply can't provide. Metal bands are stiff and inflexible, making them less than ideal for those who want to remain active while wearing one -- but the flexibility of silicone means it moves with your body without being damaged or getting in the way.

This isn't just true for those who spend time in the gym, either. Do you regularly hike, rock climb or perform other significant outdoor activities? You might find that silicone rings are better for you than the alternative, but only if you try them to find out.

Conversely, trying to wear a traditional metal ring in these sorts of settings can have negative consequences because they are so stiff and inflexible. Even the best metal bands often lead to discomfort or damage under strenuous conditions, which doesn't happen with silicone.

In many cases, all the benefits we've gone over to this point actually lead silicone ring clients toward wearing these rings more often than they had initially planned. Many of our clients tell us they originally intended only to purchase one of our silicone rings for certain settings; over time, however, they found it so comfortable and stylish that it became their primary ring option.

For more on how silicone rings show excellent value compared to their cost, or to learn about any of our silicone ring products, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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