Just like with any other significant purchase you'll be making, whether the money you're spending is worthwhile will be a basic consideration you make. And when considering your options for a wedding ring, there are several reasons why silicone rings provide significantly more value than other options.

At Enso Rings, we're happy to offer a wide range of quality silicone rings for both women and men, including a huge selection of engagement and wedding rings that are both beautiful and durable. Our wedding rings serve as a comfortable, affordable alternative to other ring types, one that still brings plenty of brilliance and flash to the table. What are some of the factors that make these rings worthwhile for their buyers? Here are several.

Standing Tall Against the Elements

Silicone is both a versatile and durable material, and it's also resistant to damage from both the elements and common wear-and-tear. This makes it an excellent choice for jewelry that will be worn regularly, whether that is or isn't on your finger.

When it comes to rings themselves, silicone rings are fantastic in terms of grip and nonconduction. They don't get as slippery as other ring types when exposed to water, for instance, making them less likely to fall off your hand or be lost. They're also water-resistant, making them a great choice for those who lead active or wet lifestyles. In fact, many of the products we produce are specifically designed with an emphasis on strength and durability.

They also don't conduct electricity like metal does. This makes silicone rings ideal for settings or situations where electric currents are present, or if you're in a high-lightning area regularly.

Strength Qualities

Despite being extremely flexible and easy to maintain, silicone is also extremely strong and durable. It's both non-porous and non-conductive, plus tolerates a huge variety of temperatures and conditions.

Silicone rings are a great choice for those that lead active lives or spend lots of time outside, as they're resistant to both corrosion and surface damage like scratches or cracks. They also don't break down under pressure, another advantage over other material types.

This strength, however, comes without some of the drawbacks found in other ring types. Consider a metal ring that gets snagged in a pocket or gets scuffed, chipped, or dinged by something in your environment. These issues can be extremely frustrating to deal with, especially when you're trying to make the ring last as long as possible. With silicone rings, however, these concerns are practically nonexistent.

They Stay on No Matter What

One of the top reasons our clients switch from other ring types to silicone rings: No longer needing to worry about a ring that constantly slips or falls off. Silicone rings stay in place, no matter how much you're doing or what you're doing it with.

For those who live an active lifestyle and for parents of young children, this is a huge advantage. Instead of having to constantly monitor hand placement or constantly readjust your ring throughout the day, silicone rings stay firmly attached to your finger. And while they're easy to remove, they're just as easy to put back on.

Their Natural Feel

Perhaps best of all: Silicone rings don't feel like you're wearing a ring at all. They sit flat and firm against your finger and give you the natural look and feel of your fingers without any added weight or discomfort. If you've ever worn a metal or gemstone ring, you know how uncomfortable they can be after long periods of wear. With silicone rings, however, your fingers will feel relaxed and natural throughout the day.

In addition to comfort and ease of use, silicone enhances both blood flow and oxygen levels across your entire finger. This means that your fingers stay healthier for longer, even if you're wearing your ring for extended periods of time.

If you're considering a different type of wedding ring due to weight issues or discomfort but would like an alternative that doesn't feel bulky or get in the way during your daily routine, consider buying a silicone ring. They stay on and give you the comfort and benefits of top-quality material without the downsides of other types.

Sizing and Fit

An additional benefit to silicone rings: They can be sized more easily than other options. Because they're made from very flexible materials, you can stretch these rings slightly when putting them on or removing them for sizing, making it a simple process that doesn't require any special tools.

If you need to make a quick change in ring size, consider using silicone rings instead of metal ones. They're very low-maintenance and easy to adjust without any tools or professional help.

Affordable and Simple to Replace

And if something does ever happen to your silicone ring, it's affordable and easy to replace. You can even keep a few spares on hand in case you lose one.

Since silicone is so affordable, you can have more than one ring for different occasions or styles if desired -- keeping an extra at home and bringing your other one with you while traveling is always an option. Plus, because they're made from lightweight materials, shipping is much cheaper than with other rings.

Many people have a difficult time deciding between metal wedding bands and plastic rings, as they fear the latter will damage easily or feel "cheap" on their hand. With silicone rings, however, these concerns are a thing of the past. They're comfortable to wear and provide superior durability over other options for those who choose them.

For more on how worthwhile silicone rings are for their buyers, or to learn about any of our silicone ring collections or products, speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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