Are Silicone Rings Worth It?

Silicone rings are something that you might have noticed in a lot of places, from the fingers of people at work to the outdoor adventurer or gym-goer in your life. If you’ve seen people wearing these rings, you may have asked yourself “Are silicone rings worth it?” The short answer to the question is definitely, but we’ll also give you the longer answer about why they are worth it, and why you should purchase one for yourself or someone you care about today.

Silicone rings are super comfortable

One of the main reasons silicone rings have gotten so popular over the past few years has to do with comfort. Anyone who has worn a metal ring knows that those things just were not designed to feel great on your finger(s). The metal is unforgiving, cold, and definitely won’t adjust to fit your fingers. Since most people don’t have the same size fingers for their entire life, that can be a problem. For example, if you gain or lose weight, if you have swelling as a result of pregnancy or exertion or just hot weather, that ring can get loose or tight and not fit anymore.

Silicone rings are a stretchy silicone rubber material, so they fit your finger all the time no matter what. From the hottest weather when you retain water to the coldest water where your finger size shrinks, the ring will continue to hug your finger. They’re so comfortable that most people forget they even have a ring on.

Silicone rings are safe in all situations

Another reason many people have forgone the metal wedding ring (besides being uncomfortable) is for safety. Metal rings really won’t ever break, so if you are wearing one and it gets caught on something it’s going to be your finger that suffers the most damage. Metal rings are also metal, which means they are not safe to wear in situations where you are around electricity. Many electricians and other professionals have to skip the ring during work because it conducts electricity and could cause shock or even death.

For those who love the outdoors, silicone rings are also a hazard that could get stuck on a kayak paddle, a mountain bike handlebar, or the crag of a rock, and in those situations you don’t want a metal ring that could cause a ring avulsion injury.

Silicone rings are affordable and stylish

Beyond being comfortable and safe, silicone rings also come in a variety of colors, styles, and options to suit even the most discerning jewelry enthusiasts. Since they’re way more affordable than your average gold, silver, or other precious metal wedding bands, you can get a few to wear everywhere you go—from work to date night to the gym.

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