It’s time to head back to school, and if you’re like most students you know that the first day of school is the perfect time to make a bold statement. But clothing isn’t the only way you can show off your sense of fashion when you hit the books this fall. Enso Rings offers a wide range of silicone jewelry that gives you the opportunity to accessorize and add your own flair to your back-to-school style this season.


If you haven’t worn silicone bracelets yet, this is the year to add them to your back-to-school style. These bracelets are super comfortable, made of a soft, stretchy silicone rubber so you can easily take them on and off. Plus you never need to worry about whether they will snag on something or get too small and uncomfortable around your wrist. Since metal bracelets won’t bend or flex, the ability to wear them in some places is limited. With silicone it’s perfectly safe to wear them anywhere you want to go (even shop class and PE).

Enso Rings also has a wide variety of styles to suit your personality, from neutral colors and stackable bracelets to ones with fun patterns like braided, weave, and beaded. Plus you can check out our amazing new collection of Lei Melendres exclusive doodle designs, and our brand new bracelets that combine the comfort of silicone around your wrist with the flair of a stainless steel clasp to hold it in place (and take the style up a notch).


Rings are another great way to show your personal style this year, and Enso Rings has you covered no matter what you love. From subtle colors that coordinate with everything to bold, bright designs that showcase your love for the dramatic, you can find it in one of our collections.

From our sleek Elements collection that shimmers with small flecks of precious metal included to our Legends collection that brings to life the mythical creatures of legend and lore, from unicorns and mermaids to pixies and dragons.

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Not sure which one to go with? Our rings and bracelets are such a great price you can buy more than one to mix and match depending on how you feel each day. You can also find many of our rings and bracelets in a thin, stackable style so you can put them together for your very own unique color combinations.

Shop the full collection of Enso Rings bracelets and rings to complete your back to school look today.

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